The comfortable Maxima chair at the Radisson Hotel

in Furniture
Chairs first of all need to be comfortable (it’s not accident that one of my first posts was about ergonomic chairs*).  I tried the Maxima chairs by Sawaya and Moroni at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Rome and they are very comfortable and solid. The top floor of the hotel, where the photo was taken, has a wonderful 270° view of Rome and a chill out bar by the swimming pool. The entire floor looks like a sailing boat on the city’s roofs. The rest of the hotel is nice, with a few nice design pieces and ideas but needs an update.
*One of my best friend is still taking the mickey out of me, every time we want to buy a present for a common friend he proposes to get a cool-ergonomic-chair (see my previous post). I take the chance to openly tell me that he is a muppet