Watercoloured cushions

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Hello everyone, I am having a calm September thankfully, it is always the same in Italy after the ‘national’ August break, it takes a few weeks for people to go back on track properly and organize the new projects. 
I have a few things lined up, it is just a question of sitting back, waiting and enjoying a slower pace (not really good at doing that, but getting better).
I was thinking of changing the curtains in some rooms of my house and experiment new ideas. 
For the living room, I wanted to get some white military net and see how it looks in an interior (they are used sometimes as outdoors gazebos covers). 
For the bedroom I would like some water colored fabric with a white background. I was inspired by these amazing cushions by interior designer Suzie Mac Adam (sold here, check it out, some are on sale now) and by the collection designed by Jessica Zoob for Romo Black Edition named Desire (see photo below).