Venetian floor inspiration

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We should all take a picture of our feet at least once in our lives. 
It is a very interesting perspective from which shows the floor and our feet (or the beach, to make people jealous).
Sebastian Erras, a German photographer,  had a rather more systematic purpose. 
When he was commissioned by Pixartprinting to create a visual tour and map of the outstanding Venetian floors, he decided to use a very contemporary approach, the head to toe selfie. He walked around capturing the remarkable the variety of the techniques, colors, materials of pavings, most of the time wearing the same black shoes and a pair of red socks (I am not sure about the trainers, check the website to get the gist of this).
“Tourists in Venice stroll around with their noses stuck up in the air, enraptured by the lavish buildings. But they are losing half of the show” is what you can read on the top of the Pixartprinting website. 
The result is a cool and different way to tour Venice, an incredibly inspirational gallery for those who are about to change their floor and an important online testament of the richness of  Venetian decoration.