Beige interiors

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Earth tones are back in fashion, including various warm and elegant shades of beige or sand. As I said in my interview for The Luxe Pad about 2017 interior design trends, Africa will inspire the wall paints this year.  

In this post, I am going to show you some interiors decorated with a beige color palette. The new beige steals its hues from the desert, it is a warm shade with a limited percentage of yellow or purple in it. To make it more vibrant and to give it a texture, it is painted on walls with different techniques that make the color uneven.

Even if it is considered a neutral shade, beige doesn’t go with all colors or materials, it needs to be combined with natural elements and shades and textures stolen from nature. It is the perfect background for plants, for quality wooden features, for green and blue accents (again not bright greens and blues) as well as antiques and highly tactile fabrics like linen and knitted textiles.
Keep in mind that the distressed wall paint look is not easy to achieve, I would advise you to hire a professional for the best results. Moreover make sure that the professional you hire has a clear idea of what you are speaking about and how to do it, because I find that sometimes decorators, as talented as they are, are not up to date and can’t grasp exactly what you are looking for.  In order to achieve an effect like in the photos below you generally need to use  2 or 3 similar colors and work them into different coats.

The beige I like best is the one on the second photo from the top but that is not a surprise, it is a space designed by Axel Vervoordt, the master of neutral colors and interiors perfect in their simplicity.

From the top: photograph by Nathalie Krag ; photo and chair by WoonTheater; interior by Axel Vervoodt; photo by Nathalie Krag; photo by Nathalie Krag; photo by Fabrizio Cicconi.