Kensington sophistication

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London has always had a special place in my heart, being the place where I spent a few very formative and fun years.

When I used to live there, I would wander the streets, nosing around, looking at some of the many alluring houses around the city and imagining myself living in them. I should have bought a place then considering how much properties in London have increased in price since.

The house pictured below is a gem, in a very elegant neighbourhood, Kensington . This former stable was completely transformed by the talented architect Adriana Natcheva (in the photograph below) in order to make these 45 mq cosy apartment extremely functional.

The living and the kitchen areas are the ‘dark’ part of the house when the part above and the bedroom are painted in white for a more relaxing, intimate feeling.

Different shades of brown (wood, the veins of the marble, copper, leather) and some white accents (lights, the sofa) warm up the otherwise ubiquitous black.

In the private spaces, it is the other way around, the ubiquitous white is made more interesting by a marble bedpost and elegant details.

Photographs by Mortem Holtum from Homes To Love.