2019 interior trends (as seen in Milan)

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I was in Milan last week and as usual I saw a lot of interesting things but also trends that I had already predicted in previous years.

This is my list of the 2019 interior trends after visiting this year’s edition of ISaloni.


I predicted that rounded sofas were going to be a big trend in 2017 but the world probably wasn’t ready at the time to embrace completely different shapes of sofa and armchair so it took a while for the trend to explode properly.

We spoke about it a few months ago in the post “White is back (and rounded sofas”) and since then this look has spread even more.

At the Salone del Mobile this year Adrenalina, an Italian brand, had the best examples in my book: well made, comfortable and original.

Bigala by Roberto Giacomucci is the perfect private nest and it can come with electric sockets and a little table:

Bixib by Luca Alessandrini changes perspective according to the point of view and the base is a mix of silk and bioresin.


Wall lamps that offer ambient light, perfect for corridors or entryways are finally back in fashion. It is something that you have probably seen in your grandmother’s house but the new designs are something else, geometrical, efficient, sexy.

Nemo has two wall lights I really like, very linear, very impressive.

Wall Shadows by Charles Kalpakian:

And Tubes by Charles Kalpakian:


In 2019 we will see a return to natural materials, especially wood.

Wicker will also have a renaissance.

Wicker chairs make a come back with new fun looks.

Lisetta by Elena Salmistraro for Bottega Intreccio is glamorous and funky at the same time. The four cushions in different hues make them unique.

Fratelli Boffi 5610/C LUI 5-A is a wicker throne more than a simple chair. It comes in different colors.


Versatile tiles are tiles that can be mixed and matched to achieve a unique (or at least different) pattern.

Versatile tiles are generally monochromatic and they come in various shapes. The idea is actually old: you can find amazing floors made of monochromatic tiles from the 1800’s and the first 60 years of 1900.

The tiles can be combined for colors or shapes and can be put horizontally or vertically in some cases.

Micro for instance offers a variety of micro tiles or mosaic tassels that you can freely combine; they are then sold in blocks.

Visit Micro‘s website to fully understand the extensions of their tiles and mosaic possibilities.