360 shades of….Linara

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Looking for a big selection of colors? You are in luck, Romo has recently increased the assortment of shades in its very popular collection Linara and now you can pick between 360 hues (no kidding, almost one for every day of the year!).

This fabric is a blend of cotton (63%) and linen (37%) and it presents the consistency of the linen but it has all the washability of the cotton.

Even if I totally respect Romo as a brand and I do recognize the value of their textiles, I haven’t used any of their products because they are not mystyle but be reassured I will start using Linara soon thanks to  its unique choice of colors.

The height of this textile is 140 cm, an average height for a cotton or linen, and the price is affordable (I don’t like to give prices when there is not recommended price but lets say that it is approximately under 30 pounds and under 50 euros).