8 items to always buy at Ikea

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I read somewhere once that Ikea’s founder Feodor Ingvar Kamprad, one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever, had a simple but ambitious dream when he founded Ikea at the age of seventeen: he wanted an Ikea piece in every house. He has actually almost fulfilled his dream, Ikea is the most popular furniture and house product brand in the world.

I have selected 8 items that I believe are always worth buying at Ikea, classic designs at the usual affordable prices by the Swedish brand. They all look good in most homes and they are very practical.

Stilren is a pretty slim stoneware vase that looks amazing against a bright wall.

I liked all of the Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford, launched in 2015, and I regret not having bought more of the pieces because some of them are not available anymore. I use the Sinnerlig pendant when I need a big affordable light that creates a soft glowing luminosity.

The Billy bookcase has been for years one of the very few budget bookcases that isn’t very deep. It has a very simple design, it tends to disappear which is want you want from bookshelves that are not high design.

The Ribba frame is used all over the world by artists and designers which says it all.

I generally use Hol table when I need some hidden storage for my clients, I have never really used it as a table. I usually have some hinges fixed so that the lid becomes a door and sometimes I get it painted.

Stilren vase
Gronodal chair
Sinnerlig light
Lustigt tool box
Ribba frame
Billy bookshelves
Lohals rug
Hol storage/table