A book to buy : “Etc.” by Sibella Court

in Ispiration, People
This book, “Etc.” by Sibella Court, found me while I was looking for another title in a bookshop. I picked it up and unsure what to do with it, bought it. As soon as I arrived home I entered into the magic word of Sibella Court, a world made of beautiful indigo blues, old dusty objects, the beauty of disorder. The layout of the book is amazing, it looks like a handmade collection of words and images. 
My friends and Alex always tell me that I am unable to relax. I am always up to something. What they don’t understand, is that I relax while visiting a new place, writing or learning something new. Television series are not my cup of tea basically. What though I am aware of, is that sometimes we are so busy (or some people so lazy) that we end up living uninspired lives. In this sense Sibella Court‘s book makes you reflect on the magic power of memory and objects and personal places and inspires you to look at things through different eyes.