A designer to watch: Faina

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Hello my lovely readers, sorry I haven’t post for over a week but I have had a few problems with my computer. Having carried a very heavy IMac 27′ twice to the Assistance, I gave up and I bought a new one, which actually hasn’t arrived yet. I can’t really complain because I had my current Apple for almost ten years and it has served me well for all that time even if I have abused it quite a bit. Still, changing computers and mobile phones always involves re-installing programs, transferring data and even if it is much easier than a few years ago, it is never a smooth process because it never goes according to plan, there is always a hitch.

I am not sorted yet but I really want to share something new and different with you before Christmas.

Behind Faina, the very earthy, sculptural brand we are going to speak about today, there is a Ukrainan lady, Victoriya Yakusha.

Victoriya, an architect and designer, started Faina in 2014 “to make national identity understandable and recognizable throughout the world. The collection is based on her study of the domestic traditions, materials and craft techniques that were carefully transformed into contemporary minimalist design objects”.

She uses typical Ukrainan elements like lay, felt, willow, flax and solid wood to create her organic collections and her pieces make real statements.

The ZTISTA line won the Elle Decoration International Ukraine Design Award 2019 for its beauty and its sustainability. The pieces of this collection are made of upcycled steel, flax rubber, wood chips, cellulose and clay and they look magnifically primitive. They are shaped by hand in fact.

Look at these designs properly, you will see them again!

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Photos courtesy of Faina.