A new version of Sketch by artist David Shingley

in Arts+ Crafts, Furniture, Interiors

Since India Mahadavi did Sketch  in London, it has been copied and copied and copied again. To be honest India Mahadavi herself has proposed a similar formula in some of the shops of the luxury fashion brand Valentino.

After Sketch, pink velvet, rounded seats, Fifties table lights, restaurant sofas and polychrome marble became mainstream.

A good part of the success of this looks comes from David Shrigley‘s drawings that have given this sensual space an edge.

The British artist has recently selected 91 sketches to give Sketch a new feeling; this new collection of art is more of an impact and more colourful.I could show you some of the single pieces but for me it’s about the together.

It is an art to read and not just to watch; like a nice library in a house, it is food for conversation.

I have been to Sketch for a champagne tea and I can assure it is an embracing place where spend a few hours.

If you want to have a better look at David Shrigley‘s drawings or know more about his work, check his cool website.