A tip on how to decide your colour palette

in Color Inspiration, Interiors
I was flicking through the December issue of Living Etc when I saw the Spacecrafted rug by Jan Kath, pictured in the photos above, and it was love at first sight. The hand-knotted rug, available at Front London, replicates, using up to 60 colours, the impression of gas clouds, asteroid nebulae and depth. It took Jan Kath and weavers working with him almost 15 years to realize his vision; consider that the rug has more than 150-200 knots per square inch, we are speaking about an excellent quality artifact.
The decoration of this house, lived in and created by the architect
Rory Macpherson, is built around a few singular, distinctive pieces like the rug and the photos; the result is elegantly simple, fresh and timeless modern. 
The preponderance of white is interrupted in the living areas by hues of strong colours and unified by accents of blue.
Decorating a house can be overwhelming if it is not what you do for living (and sometimes even if it is). If this is your case, I advise you to start from a piece you love -a rug, a painting, a vase, a light- and get inspiration from it. Let the objects that you want to be in dominant positions in your house inspire the colour palette, as in this beautiful example by Rory Macpherson.