About Anastasia Savinova’s collages and eating meat

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I am back to reality in Rome after two weeks touring England. I came back inspired and mentally energised ( I will tell you all about it in my next post) but in need of a diet. Even if in Britain the cooking ability and the awareness of quality of ingredients has increased, meat is still a widely common ingredient and most people eat meat at least once a day. I need to go back to my almost meat-free diet, which is -no doubt- better for the environment and better for my body.

Cutting your meat consumption should be the first answer as well for all the people who feel indignant about what is happening in the Amazon.

This is not the place to explain why, there are numerous scientific reports, documentaries, articles out there that prove why animal agricultural is the most polluting factor nowadays.

Going back to a more suitable subject for +deco, I want to finish the month with some original collages by Anastasia Savinova.

They represent the possibility of building something solid uniting different elements.

The collages are part of a series called Genius Loci. As explained on Anastasia Savinova‘s website, “each work is composed of numerous photographs of buildings and landscape forms that are true and authentic for a studied area. These works balance between documentary and fiction, factual and imaginary spaces, and become keepers of the memory and the spirit of the Place.”