African inspiration in Ikea

in Furniture
You probably all know by now that I consider the people at Ikea geniuses not just from a design point of view but also for their clever marketing, packaging and attention to the environment. It is also the only place in the world where I eat dodgy meat (how can you resist a hot dog or horse dog after a marathon through thousands of pieces of furniture?). You have to be careful though to not exaggerate, Ikea’s style is utterly recognizable and we have seen it all before: in the wrong context, they can be really boring. Above I have selected a few items inspired by Africa. If cleverly mixed with some vintage pieces and some lush plants, they will give your space an exotic African look which is very trendy right now. 
From top right clockwise :
-Vate paper light in red
-Vate paper light in blue
-Koldby cow skin rug
-Angenam vase
-Nasu bin
-a selection of fabrics by metres  
-Vate paper light in pink
-Karlskrona chaise longue
-Tradklover cushion
-Brommo chaise longue
-Kottebo bin 
-Vate paper light in yellow
-Vinager dish