Amara Interior Blog Awards Gala

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So, just to recap, +DECO was shortlisted at the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year and I was invited to the awards gala. I called my friend Kelly Washbourne (a very talented painter), I told her to keep the evening free and I booked tickets to London for 14th November. It was an incredible night, very well organised, in an lovely place and full of interesting, creative people. I didn’t win but I was very proud to be shortlisted and to be there.

These are some photos of the event taken by the official photographer, Clemènt Lauchard (a part from the bottom one, a silly shot of m taken by Kelly).

My 24 hours in London (unfortunately I couldn’t stay more because of work) were a blast. I spent some quality time with my pal Kelly, wandered around London, attended the gala, slept 4 hours, went to the V&A to see the Tim Walker exhibition and the museum, walked around some more and had lunch with Kelly and the lovely Sara and her baby girl Edie.

My flight was late, I couldn’t find a cab to get home from the airport because of the torrential rain and I ended up getting there at 1.30 but it doesn’t matter. I would do it all again.

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