Angelot, turn disadvantages into advantages

in Furniture, Interiors, People

Angelot -a patisserie shop in Xiasha in China– was born from the experience and vision of two young but very experienced Chinese architects,  Yan Zhang and Jianan Shan, founders of Say Architects studio.

The architects managed to solve some evident architectural disadvantages, like the recessed front door and the fact that the full height window inside that face a nice view. They didn’t try to hide these disadvantages, they made them focal points, strengths. The entrance, covered in customized tiles, is curved and it accompanies the clients inside, revealing the dining area slowly, like a surprise. In order to make sense to the two different heights between entry level (very low) and dining area (very high), they created a changing clearance along the route.

They used customized GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) to soften the wall and the semitransparent curtain to block exterior view but keeping the sunlight.

Some lemon tree add color and bring nature in the interiors, the cherry on the cake.

Photographs by Hao Zhang, courtesy of Say Architects.