Autumn near Rome

in Ispiration, Outdoor

Yesterday we went for a walk in a place that filled my heart with beauty, the Caldara Valley in Manziana, 50 minutes driving from Rome.

Living in Italy is difficult sometimes: the country is going a long painful economical crisis, hundreds of refugees reach our costs everyday or many of them loose their lives in our seas while Europe is finding excuses to not help; last but not least we have had three strong earthquakes in the last two months and this morning, during the last episode, Alex, Giulio and I sheltered under a table, so powerful was the shake.

Thankfully the beauty of the country makes it up for all things that are mining Italy.

I love autumn colors when framed with a crystal blue sky like in the photos I took yesterday, a view to stunning to not share with you.

P.S: If you decide to visit the Caldara Valley, head to Campagnano di Roma for lunch at Iotto, a small amazing restaurant that will leave you with a smile on your face.