About the benches by Torafu Architects and who people support

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People seemed to be surprised but I wasn’t. The fact that Americans voted Trump and British voted to leave Europe concerns me but it didn’t come unexpected for me.

Many people have consciously voted for a more individualistic, nationalistic country. In a period when the huge responsibilities that capitalist countries have had in fuelling or creating conflicts and atrocities around the world are starting to be clear, many people decided, with their votes, to make a statement. They admitted that they don’t want to or they can’t take this huge responsibility, they have to think about themselves, they rather vote for a more rigid management.

Moreover these results highlight the fact that people see immigrants as a threat and a menace to their rights and stability.

I hope that our governments and we, inhabitants of the capitalistic countries, will find the way to build a more sustainable society for ourselves and for the people of poor countries.

I leave you with these thoughts and with the very supportive Dozo benches by  Torafu Architects.

The benches, made of red cedar wood and steel, incorporate canes. The simple shape of the seat is made more poetic by adding an usual element, the cane, that also functions as a support in getting up.

I love the silhoutte with rounded steel legs . It would look amazing at the end of a corridor or a bed and we wait for a public garden version of it maybe made entirely in steel.



deco_torafu-architects-dozo-bench_1 deco_torafu-architects-dozo-bench-3jpg