Canopy beds

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The truth is that I have always wanted a contemporary canopy bed but I would only put it in a period flat, in a country house or in a small room with a high ceiling.

A lot of people like canopy beds but some are hesitant to buy one because they worry it could look too much or because they associate it with a overly romantic look (men I’m looking at you).

The point is that now there are so many cool, linear, no frills contemporary options out there that we don’t have any excuses anymore.

Ikea used to have a very simple, yet good looking double canopy bed but they don’t sell it anymore, they just advertise a solution to create canopy bed curtains with some of their products. It’s a shame because the one they had was easy to paint and well priced.

There are other high street brands that sell pretty canopy beds ; Maison du Monde for instance sells 7 models, one being the bamboo one below.

Let’s have a look at some other options from other less known still cool brands.

I really like the Frame Canopy Bed by CB2 in matt iron with plated brass corners pictured below. The queen size costs 642 euros and the king size costs 734 euros.

Thewhite one underneath is Bed Led by Filo Design; it has got a cool shelf that can act a a bedside table and led lights on the pools.

The wooden pretty one in the pink room is from Urban Outfitters and it comes at a very reasonable price. The idea of having garlands of lights hanging from the structure is definitely to steal.

The unusual shape of the whiteXAM Design Studio’s bed makes it original; it comes in different colors but it is only sold to contractors, unfortunately.

The black and teak wood canopy bed (picture before last) is for those who like a more classic, masculine look. This is the Industrial Canopy Bed by Asian Arts but to tell you the truth you will find some very similar in other online shops.

Last but not least, it is a revisitation to an old canopy bed by RH Baby&Child , with a comfortable back and freed from too many baroque details. Check the entire collection on RH Baby&Child, they have some cool beds, above all for little girls.

It seems obvious, after having seen all these beautiful canopy beds, that we don’t have many excuses, it is time to get one!