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Leila Ataya, my latest obsession

Leila Ataya is my latest obsession. I love the sexiness of her dark age futuristic heroines. I love the detail in her paintings.

I know in my last post I ranted about what a waste of money and time Christmas presents can be sometimes but this is different.

So my dear friends and family (or I should say, my dear Father Christmas), could I please have a painting from Leila Ataya this year?

I have been a good girl, I promise….


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Less doesn’t always mean more

Less doesn’t always mean more and this townhouse in Brentford, designed by Doris Lee, proves it. It is a blast of colours, patterns and surreal wall art.

This is probably Doris’s, a self-taught Australian born interior designer now based in London, most extravagant project.

She picked a deep blue for the kitchen and living area and brightened it up with accents of emerald green. Some walls are covered in cork, a material largely used in the Eighties in some Mediterranean countries and now back in fashion.

There are numerous types of cork wallpaper available on the market but unfortunately I can’t recommend any particular supplier because I have not used it yet; maybe one of my readers could point out a good place where to get some from.

Doris then used some fun, colourful, fairy-tale wallpaper and plenty of playful, retro wall-art and objects. The textiles are not predictable, they even add to the project.

A fun space for sure.

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Wood and concrete for the restaurant Ryù

The Japanese restaurant Ryù in Westmount (Canada), designed by Ménard Dworkind is a very good example of natural elegance.

The interior design rotates around lines and circles, wood and concrete. Straight lines, which are in the panelling, the bar wooden chairs, the wooden strips above the bar, the lines of the concrete bricks that form the bar, the suspensions, the floor boards mix perfectly with the circles which are in the rounded seats and armchairs around the rounded tables, the rounded light bulbs of the suspensions, the hole in the base of the bar chairs but also the curve of the stripy panelling above the bar in contrast with sharp angles of the lights above the bar.

Two natural materials like concrete and wood dominate the space and combine the two geometric elements. It is all grey and a warm honey wood color inside the restaurant Ryù a part from accents of emerald green/blue (plants and upholstery) and black (the pendants, the pipes, some architectural spots lights, the uniforms).

The scraps on the walls look like an abstract painted forest, giving the dismissed wall look a new meaning.

For more concrete inspiration, have a look at the original Caso Do Coto Hotel in Porto or at Olimpia and Edoardo’s apartment in Rome or get some DIY ideas on how to use cinder blocks in your interiors.

Photos by David Dworkind.

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Benjamin Moore 2019 Color of the Year

I have used Benjamin Moore paint only for one project.

The client is American and he was so adamant that Benjamin Moore paint was the best that he had it shipped from America.

After a few years I couldn’t agree more, Benjamin Moore is actually some of the best paint in the market. The product yield is good, the quality is excellent, the colors very attractive and durable.

It is a shame that it is not widely distributed in Europe (in Italy it is sold only in Milan).

Benjamin Moore every year picks the color of the year and this year the voted shade is the AF 690, a grey that in Italy called grigio perla (pearl grey).

I have used this color many times and I love it. It is a sophisticated hue and as Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence says “this understated yet glamorous gray creates a soothing, impactful common ground.”

It goes very well with wooden and white furniture and it is perfect when you want to achieve a contemporary and elegant look.

We will find out only in December which one is going to be the Pantone’s color of the year but I wouldn’t be surprise if they will pick a neutral color as well.

Photos from Benjamin Moore website

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Powder shades and a great use of (a small) space.

This place attracted my attention for the use of color: pink, a pinky terracotta, a powder pink, a powder beige-pink. The different areas and rooms are unified by the use of all these shades that the eye perceives as variations of the same pink color, when in reality they are all different colors; these shades also look more intense or more brilliant according to the amount or quality of light coming through the windows as well.

At a second glance I was hooked by the sapient division of the space.

This is a 48 square metre apartment, basically a big room divided according to functions, an entryway and a bathroom (of which no photos were published because they are probably too small or with no windows). The owners are a Swedish couple that managed to transform a problem (the lack of space) into an opportunity.

The laying of the wooden floor and the colors help separate and unite the areas at the same time.

The bedroom is cleverly closed by a 3/4 plasterboard wall and framed glass windows and doors, to let the light flow in but also makes it private when necessary (is that a stripy curtain, the one I can see to the right of the window door on the third photo from the top? I am pretty sure).

Overall it is a place full of good bits to copy, including the kitchen with its cabinets in pine plywood.

A few years ago I published another example – more industrial- of how to divide the space with glass windows,  a Paris apartment by Studio Moc.

Photos by Jonas Gustavsson for Elle Decoration Sweden through Planete Deco

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Sexy armchairs

Even if in Rome the summer doesn’t seem to want to finish, I can already envision myself wearing a jumper, snuggled up in an armchair reading (and with a glass of red wine nearby).

Maybe I have just enough of the heat but in reality, I love Autumn. I like the slightly nostalgic golden light, typical of October, I like the sensation of the long sleeves on skin after months of exposure, I like sleeping with a light blanket after a long period of sweating, I like making good resolution for the school year ( yes, I still divide my life into school years)

To help you share my mood which is definitely not melancholic, I am going to show you some sexy, fabulous, design armchairs.

Most of these models are very new, some were released last year but they are all going to transform your living room and nobody will be able to resist sitting down on them!

“Geo” by Saba

“Nilson” by Verzelloni

“Vincent” by Swoon.

“Hepburn” by The Conran Shop

“Blendy” by De Padova.

“Archibold” by Frau.

“Fanny” by Fendi Casa.


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Pink bathrooms with terrazzo elements

There are a few things I have always liked not matter what the fashion was. I have always liked – just to give you a few examples- signet rings, mediterranean ceramics, body oils, flared jeans,  pink walls and terrazzo floors.

My grandparents had the best terrazzo floor I have ever seen. It consisted in river pebbles instead chips of marble or granite or quartz combined with a binder.

The binder was black in the living areas, light blue in the kitchen, white/beige in the bedrooms with different pebbles in different colors, as you can see in the photo at the bottom.

Because I have always liked pink walls and terrazzo and because pink walls and terrazzo are very trendy know, I decided to show you some bathrooms that combines both.

As you can see in all the examples below, the association of the two elements is already impactful therefore the rest of the decor is kept quite modern and geometric.

I love the bathroom photographed by Yaroslav Priadka in the images below. The black details ( the faucets, the pipe, the frame of the mirror and the soaps) are paradoxically the focus point of the room.

Green and light blue are colors that well complement the pink and the terrazzo, as we can see in other examples below.
I like the idea of extending the terrazzo up to 120/130 centimetres.

If you can’t or don’t want to change the floor or the back splash, you can anyway insert in the scheme a terrazzo element like the stools in the third picture from the top or the bath.

Photo by Yaroslav Priadka

Photo by Yaroslav Priadka

Stump stool from Fenton & Fenton

Project by Bergman & Co

Bathroom designed by Iya Turabelidze of Concertina

Bathroom designed by Iya Turabelidze of Concretica

Interior by Studio Esteta

Interior by MOPS

My grandparents’ floor






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The best fabric shop in Rome!

This is the place where I get textiles from, photographed by the talented Elio Rosato.

The atelier, Le Proposte d’Interni, occupies two large rooms of a stunning Roman building built in 1542.

Sandro and Giovanni, cousins with a long family tradition in dealing with textiles for interiors, scraped away the layers of paint applied over the last 50 years to find the original faded light green color.

In one room, you can still see the old bookcases where documents were kept, now used to store some of the wonderful fabrics.

Interior fabrics have always been my passion and I like to come here, I could actually spend hours here (sometimes I do, to be honest !)



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Piero Lissoni Color Collection

Three years ago we saw many blue walls, two years ago many black walls and last year we saw many pink walls and burgundy walls.

Lets hope in 2018 we will see many natural and bio-friendly painted walls.

We can start with Piero Lissoni Color Paint Collection for Kerakoll for instance; they are water based, odour-free and free fromVOCs, formaldehyde, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), coalescing agents, plasticizers and heavy metals. It also comes in 100 beautiful shades.

This is the future of paint, I hope.

I really like the green, terracotta red and metal blue in the first three photographs from top in the chalky extra-mat finish @GEL PAINT.

Piero Lissoni –art director for prestigious brand like Alpi, Boffi, De Padova, Lema, Living Divani and the designer behind some iconic pieces of furniture- knows what effect, performance and quality is looking for when picking a paint for his projects, so who better than him could have worked with Kerakoll for a new line?

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Pretty paper

Recently I’ve noticed I am getting better at not getting so stressed about things I can’t control.

Things that you can’t control are the things you have no power upon, like destiny or situations created by other people. However a lack of time often leads to me having to weigh up what is important and what isn’t.

Today we all work, train, exercise, look after our families, do our best to look good, try to squeeze in some fun, the reality is we don’t have time to do it all. In order to live a bearable life, we need to have a clear idea what is important and let some things go.

I, for instance, have made peace with the fact that I can’t have tidy wardrobes! I don’t have time to fold my panties, I rather read a book. I don’t have time during the week to cook well, I rather go for a walk with Giulio.

I don’t have time to make pretty cards, I can buy some. For instance Papel & Co stationary is very pretty.

The idea is simple: quality paper, elegant color, different calligraphies that all look like flowers in the wind.
I love the green and ochre envelopes!