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Rusty shades, earthy reds and melanchonic pinks

Violet is the 2018 Pantone color but we like rusty shades, earthy reds and melancholic pinks this year. To be honest, we are a bit bored of the fuss about Pantone‘s favourite colors.

Here is a selection of beautiful spaces dominated by colors that are between terracotta, bordeaux and red.

As you know I am looking for a new house, if I find it tomorrow I will definitely use one of these hues.

Images from Pinterest



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Elegant and masculine: Hotel National des Arts et Métiers

Paris must have the most beautiful hotels in the world.

I have written a number of posts about Parisien hotels on +deco but there is always something new to show you, like the Hotel National des Arts and Métiers, a real gem designed by Raphael Navot.

The hotel is elegant, timeless and masculine which, in a period characterized by  pink and gold abuse, is refreshing.

The use of colors, from the light blues to the earthy red and green, is masterful .

The grey marble staircase is a sculpture. The geometrical design makes the granite floor look like a soft rug.

The linen tapestry painted (picture below) with Japanese ink by Gael Davrinche is a poetic representation of the mood of a sea sky.

The rest is elegant and sober, for a calming experience.

And you, which one do you like best between the Hotel National des Arts and Métiers shown here and the Hotel Henriette or Hotel Panache ?

Photos by  Eve Campestrini @thesocialitefamily

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Kiki Slaughter’s studio in Atlanta

I love studios: most of the times they tell a story of passion, not just work.

Kiki Slaughter’s studio in Atlanta is a dream-come-true with big windows, an industrial feeling and the harmonious colors of her paintings all around.

Kiki Slaughter’s latest creation is Oh La La in Verdigris wallpaper for FEATHR, part of   Oh La La wallpaper collection.

This wallpaper with a palette of “soft mint, seafoam and viridian with brick brown and terracotta”, as perfectly described on FEATHR’s website, represents the experimental, spontenous painting approach of this American artist.

Check out the Italian sculptur Davide Dormino’s studio or the fashion designers Antonio Marras’s or Stella Jeans’s  studios and tell me which one is closer to your style on +Deco.

To see some pretty water-colored cushions, check this post.

Photographs by Jimmy Johnston

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70’s, the 2018 trend

This year as well I was asked by the super cool American online magazine The Lux Pad to write about the 2018 most prominent trend in my book.

I believe that the new year is going to bit about pattern; this is my contribution:

“2018 will see a new trend coming straight out of the 70s. We have already got used to decorating with tiles, bold patterns, unusual shades and vintage furniture, but this year we will go for even more pronounced graphics in ceramics, in a combination of colors that we considered dull – if not ugly – before like brown and orange or mint green and gray.

Vintage 70s inspired pottery will be proudly displayed and new versions of 70s designed tiles will make our floors much more interesting and eye-catching.” 

Click here, to read my 2017 forecast.

Tiles by Bisazza

Tiles by Bisazza

Ceramics by K+R

Wallpaper from Wallpaper from the 70’s


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The Gatsby Cafè

The Gatsby Cafè was a former hat shop, open, when selling just hats made sense and a respectful outfit was considered incomplete without a hat.

It is under the arcades of a beautiful nineteen century square of Rome, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, not far from the central train station Termini.

Once home to upper-class families, it used to host beautiful shops frequented by elegantly dressed ladies.

The area is not as glamorous as it used to be, because in the Seventies there was a progressive decline due to the closeness to the train station and the inability of the council to preserve it. Now Piazza Vittorio is slowly but steadily improving thanks to young professionals and families moving there, attracted by the central location, the size of the houses and the prices of the properties.

With the desire to contribute to the renewal of old splendour to this square, 5 friends decided to open a trendy bar in what used to be the hat shop Galleria Venturini.

The result is the Gatsby Caffè, a successful bet.

Guided by two set designer friends, the owners kept most of the original features like the terrazzo floor on the last floor, the brass hardware, the glass showcases; then they added color (the blue being predominant), “Mad Men” inspired wall papers, vintage seats and historical objects like the old theatre posters. Young staff and happy customers did the rest.

Photos courtesy of Susana Porteiro.

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The Ice Cream Museum

I really want to go Los Angeles, I have never been and it is at the top of my wish list.

Now that I have seen the images of the Ice Cream Museum I want to go even more!

The Ice Cream Museum, founded by the young Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora, is already fully booked until August after Beyonce and other celebrities shared some pics of it on Instagram.

Photos by Cameron Dallas

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360 shades of….Linara

Looking for a big selection of colors? You are in luck, Romo has recently increased the assortment of shades in its very popular collection Linara and now you can pick between 360 hues (no kidding, almost one for every day of the year!).

This fabric is a blend of cotton (63%) and linen (37%) and it presents the consistency of the linen but it has all the washability of the cotton.

Even if I totally respect Romo as a brand and I do recognize the value of their textiles, I haven’t used any of their products because they are not mystyle but be reassured I will start using Linara soon thanks to  its unique choice of colors.

The height of this textile is 140 cm, an average height for a cotton or linen, and the price is affordable (I don’t like to give prices when there is not recommended price but lets say that it is approximately under 30 pounds and under 50 euros).

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An original apartment by Marcante Testa

I am going to show you today a truly original apartment in Venice designed by the studio Marcante Testa. This is the first apartment completed in the renovation of a nineteenth century building in a small canal near San Marco.

As you know I periodically ponder on the concept of originality (see my post about the Salone del Mobile 2015 and Salone del Mobile 2017) because I believe it is really difficult to do something new these days. Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa managed to mix Memphis studio inspired objects (to know more about Memphis Studio and see the inspired Kartell collection, read here) ,  vintage glamorous brass elements, unusual combination of colors and iron frames and furniture in bright colors.

I would have never said that all these things could look good together but they somehow do and the result is interesting and very balanced.

I love the idea of ‘framing’ the doors and windows and to encapsulate the kitchen with iron structures.

I love the fact that on the page dedicated to the project on the  Marcante and Testa website you can find out, room by room, where all the furniture is from.

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Hueso restaurant, a brother affair made of bones

Hueso is a restaurant in Guadalajara, in Mexico, designed by Ignacio Cadena from Cadena+Asociados and run by the chef Alfonso Cadena. It is two brothers running a business made of bones!

At a first glance the inside seems dominated by the color white and the warm color of wood. It needs a bit of time to fully understand and appreciate the complex decorations. Most of walls are enriched by animal carcasses, bones or skulls, different objects painted and stolen from the kitchen, scraps of paper or fabric, drawings of animals, boxes used as frames, pieces of wood used to frame anything. Everything is religiously painted in white. This second skin covers almost every inch of the walls up to the ceiling of this beautiful 1940’s building in the western state of Jalisco. A similar concept but in color is proposed by Davide Dormino in his amazing studio.

I let you decide if you like the bones but apart from covering the walls with objects painted the same color as the walls, it is a good alternative to putting up many different pieces of art work, in various shapes or sizes.

I love the staff apron as well (worn in the photo the chef and manager Alfonso Cadena). Again an idea to copy.

The outside of the restaurant is unadorned, covered with white squared tiles decorated by simple black lines inspired by Aztecan patterns.

Ceramics by José Noé Suro, tiles by C+A produced by José Noé Suro.

Photographs by Jaime Navarro.

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Original inspiration from the Milan furniture fair

I am back from Milan where I spent a few days trying to spot some original ideas at the 56th Salone del Mobile.

I don’t want to show you images of trends that you already know about, like golden and copper hardware or the plant mania, I would like to propose to you some ideas you probably haven’t considered yet.

I walked around searching for something new or at least unseen on blogs and magazines, not an easy task; below is an inspiring selection of ideas.


Photographic panels lit from behind represent a sort of window on to a panorama or fantastic view.

They give depth to the room and they create an open horizon, giving the wall a new life.

In order to achieve a similar result you need a very high definition image (I advise you to pick a panorama, definitely nothing personal like a family photo), and a professional company specialised in making these sort of things. The led lighting behind is the fruit of expertise not something you can try to do yourself.

This look is also perfect for hotels and offices.


Plants are the must have accessory this year. They are everywhere, real or drawn on textiles or wallpaper.

I saw some plastic decorations shaped like cacti and I love them. The pop version of plants. Ok, not really ecological but definitely forever, even inside and in dark corners!



Why not incorporate speakers into our pieces of furniture?

The two cabinets by Miniforms wink at the past with a big speaker that reminds me of a gramophone but in very contemporary colors and finishings.

Below is a photo of myself posing (it is quite obvious I suppose) on a red armchair with incorporated speakers for a intimate, relaxing, dolby surround experience.


We have already said that natural materials are back and brown leather is one of them, very present in fashion and in interiors these days.

For a different look take inspiration from the insertions of brown leather like in the photos below.

A cushion, the edge of a throw or the padding of a chair will give your furniture a luxury look without going for an all-out “Out of Africa” look.


More than once whilst walking around the Salone del Mobile, I thought of Stanley Kubrick. The Seventies are back with their colors, their atmosphere and their shapes.

Armchairs and sofas have lost their sharpness and corners have became curves. Rounded armchairs and sofas are particularly good when not close to walls or when in the middle of a room instead of traditional blocks of furniture.



Using one color or a maximum of two for everything in the room is the new chic. If the color is bright or unusual like in the photo below even better.

It is not easy to find lights that are the same color as the rest of the furniture but if you can you can be sure it will have a wow factor. Some shining details like golden handles will avoid the room looking like a massive bucket of paint fell on it.


Thinking outside of the box is a good way to create something original.

It looks like the designers cut the cabinets into pieces and then reassembled them after too many glasses of wine but the result is refreshing. They have managed to create pieces of furniture that give character to a room, are quirky and beautifully made.