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Half painted walls





When you have your first child, people feel compelled to share some advice based on their experience with such a wonderful and tricky task. 
Some suggestions are very useful, some less, some are given by people who have different ideas and priorities. 
For instance, nobody ever warned me that kids take up  more space than you imagine. It sounds obvious but it is something you can’t understand until you have kids. I have had a hippy approach to kids stuff, I have always thought you don’t need much-you can easily live without a homegenizer or a nappy bin– still when they grow, they become little people with their own wardrobes,  books,  toys,  swimming gear. And they grow up fast. 
Also nobody ever mentioned the fact that they are dirty little creatures who like to draw on walls and cast finger prints on every white surface within reach! 
If I had known that I would have definitely gone for a half painted wall like the ones pictured in the photos. 

So if you are expecting your first child or if, for instance, you have a table next to the walls like in some of the examples picture above, consider picking one of these bi-colored solutions. 



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Easy homemade cool Valentines

from Hello, Wonderful (free printable)
from Eat Drink Chic (free printable)
from GodfatherStyle
from Etsy
from Real Simple
from Real Simple


It is almost St.Valentines and it is time to get romantic. 
If you are in a relationship or not, it is the perfect chance to be sweet and make or buy a little something for a person we love or we fancy.
I selected a few original, cool and easy to make Valentine cards if you are short of ideas.
I got a few, the best being (Alex don’t get mad at me please) the anonymous ones I received when I was working as a bartender in London. 
Sending a message of love or appreciation without expecting anything back is the ultimate romantic gesture. 
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Indigo blue fabric inspiration

Indigo Bleu fabrics by William Yeoward for Designers Guild
Aboubakar Fofana fabrics for Dara Artisans
New Year’s Eve, for my punk party, I made a waistcoat from an old pair of  jeans that I bleached by myself
I have had these jeans for ages because, even if they didn’t fit any more, I loved the result of that bleach wash, those white and different shades of light blue with anarchic spots on a base of indigo blue (see photo below). 
Why not insert this vibrant blue into your interiors as well, with some textiles inspired by jeans and by the shibori, an antique Japanese technique of dying cotton cloth?
I’ll give you some example as inspiration.
Keep in mind also that you can buy some  plain jeans fabric with different intensity of colours in a normal textile store and use it, for example, to re-upholster a sofa like in the photo above (the sofa is the Ektorp from Ikea) or try, like in my case, a DIY dye.
from Joseph Carini Carpets website
from House & Garden UK

If you like the punk effect, you can do like me and bleach some jeans fabric:

+deco, dye jeans

Otherwise there are many places where you can buy indigo blue fabrics.
I selected two for you, the fabuolous stripey textile from Komedal Road and the shibori from Cape Cod Shibori.

                                       +deco,komedal ranch fabric                +deoc, CapeCod Shibori

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A French illustrator in Barcelona: Lapin

Today I came across this cool wall mural (below right ) by French illustrator and urban sketcher (I love this definition!) Lapin.
For this project he repreposes some of his most popular sketches and the fun part about it is that your kids can color in the figures.
Think about how many hours it could keep them occupied while you sip your glass of wine reading my blog on the sofa!
They are produced and sold by The Wallery and they come in different sizes (200×150 cm, 159 euros).
Of course, because I am a very curious creature, I did a little research about this Frenchman who likes hats and I discovered a very talented illustrator with an enchanting view of the world.
In the last few years Lapin has used his magic pencil for many projects and customers, designing walls, stickers, lights, labels, publishing sketch books and cooperating with the fashion industry.
A few days ago I took a photo of some labels he designed in a shop without knowing they were by him.
It is destiny, I can’t refrain from showing these off.



Photos from Lapin website.
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DIY Christmas ornaments

Yesterday I turned the radiators on for the first time since last winter. 
I know many of you have had the heating on for months already but in Rome is much milder ; only today it feels like winter. 
This change in temperature has made me think that in just over a month it will be Christmas
This year I‘m spending the holidays in Rome and, I have to say, I am quite happy about it.  My family is originally from Parma so for years I have traveled north to see them
Later in life, when I lived in London, I traveled south to see my parents. In the last few years we have traveled to England to see my lovely parents in law when possible
This year is going to be a Roman and particularly lazy Christmas at home with my two men. I can’t wait.
I haven’t done anything for Christmas yet, I must start decorating or at least start thinking about it.
This week, to start with, I wanted to organize a late afternoon Christmas DIY party with Giulio and his friend Livia. I have selected a few child-proof projects from the net, very simple to make.  I love the little potion ornaments!

And you, where are you going for Christmas


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Ikea kitchens hacked by Reform architects

Over the last 3 years I have bought 5 Ikea Faktum kitchens for my clients. 
As a matter of fact, Ikea kitchens are a valid option for people who don’t want to invest much in a kitchen because they are on a budget or because they are furnishing a holiday house. In my opinion, you either go for a very beautiful product or you buy an Ikea kitchen; the options in between often don’t work and you end up spending more but still not having a customized quality kitchen. 
I always purchase the same model in Ikea, the white lacquered Faktum, now replaced with the Metod range. It is linear, it reflects the light, it looks good and it doesn’t show dirt as much; of course it lacks the details that make it personal.
Reform solves the problem. The company has collaborated with some Danish architects to offer personalized options to the Ikea Metod panels and tabletops. 
It is very easy, as  it states on the website  “send us your IKEA order confirmation and work drawings along with your choice of Reform kitchen and tabletop style and colour. Shortly after, we will send you an order confirmation and as soon as you accept it, your kitchen fronts will arrive within 3–4 weeks.” 
It is definitely worth giving it a go, what do you think?  
(photos from the Reform website)
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7 easy DIY copper planters projects

As you probably know by now, I want to move to a bigger apartment soon, so  I am desperately trying to resist the temptation to renovate the flat where we are at the moment. Our current abode needs a serious repaint after three years of serious toddler fingers making their mark on the walls and in my book also a general restyling. Sometimes, in these circumstances, one needs a little D.I.Y project.
These 7 D.I.Y projects to make copper planters give a bit of sparkle to your house and are easy and low cost.  
I particularly like the first one from top, and you?
da The Jungalow
da Homeyohmy
da Wedding Chicks
da Homeyohmy
da The Anastasia Co.
da A Bubbly Life
da Poppy Talk
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DIY hanging frame

Today I wanted to share this tutorial with you from Design Sponge that explains how to make this simple but impressive hanging half frame which looks vintage but it is not. The photo was taken by the author of the tutorial and blown up to create an abstract effect. The palm leaf on the vase in front of the picture is a touch of class. You can read the step by step tutorial here

Good work! 

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DIY wall art for adults

source A Beautiful Mess
source Maria Teorien
source Happy Mundane
source Project Nursery
Lately there has been an invasion of DIY tutorials teaching how to redecorate basically everything. Recycling and making things by yourself is the new religion but I have done it for years, recycling, adapting, preserving objects, paintings, furniture in my projects, above all if they are quality pieces. 
Sometimes though I have the impression that these online decoration projects look better than they actually are. Things sometimes look cute in a photo but they are quite basic in real life and make your house look like a student flat.  
The ones I have selected above for you are ideas that work.
When choosing your DIY projects from the internet keep in mind the following advice:
1) Materials cost money, so sometimes a project is pitched as a cheap one but can actually end up costing like a  professionally framed poster. Before starting, take into consideration what you need (glue, paint, frame, utensils?) and how much you are going to end up spending.
2)Pick a project that doesn’t involve ruining the wall. If you don’t like the result it is much easier to paint over it or fill in a hole than having to re-plaster the entire wall. 
3)Trust the projects explained with numerous and close up photos. For instance, sometimes DIY wall art looks fine from the front but from the side you can see all sorts of flaws. 
4)If the project involves textiles, pick some nice fabric. The author of the project above (the nursery) used a Marimekko fabric; with more ordinary and less impressive fabric, the result would have been totally different.
4)Try to not do things that you have already seen in many other places. We tend to be attracted to what it is familiar to us but the net is a massive source of ideas, why copy what has already been largely copied?
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Potato printing

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I have been doing some potato printing with Giulio and it was great fun (even if the result was dubious because  three year old kids has got a quite anarchic concept of being creative, god bless them). I found out that I am not the only one that plays with potatoes so I had the idea of selecting some pretty potato projects for you. I keep it short because I am already anticipating how funny it is going to be translating this post into Italian considering that in my language ‘potato‘ is a cute name for the female sexual organ (my father is law, one of my favourite reader of the blog, is going to love this)!

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“Potato printing”, a craft book by Susanne Strose