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Sailors tattoos meet grandma

This is a post for tattooed people but not only.
For instance I haven’t got any tattoos. My taste and esthetic sense is continuously evolving and I have never wanted to commit on anything printed on my skin for ever.
I am glad I haven’t, to be honest. Nowadays it is more common having a tattoo than not (even over sixties have tattoos!) and the fascinating sense of rebellion that once came with them has disappeared.

The estethic pleasure or affection is still there for many and I don’t judge that.
Anyway if I was going to have a tattoo, I would have gone for a old style sailor’s chick or heart or a Japanese mafia design.
When I saw these fabulous ceramics by Eva Gernandt, they made me think of sailors’ tattoos (as well as granny’s crochets and Jean Paul Gaultier). I love these plates and pots by By Mutti: the mental connection with the adventurous and reckless life of sailors and the inevitable association with tattoos make these old looking sets very street-style.
+deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_3 +deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_2 +deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_1 +deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_6
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I need some Witamina-D

I have been flirting with the idea of producing my own furniture for a while. I already have a list of designs I would like to make. 
The problem is that I need longer days and/or a fat inheritance that would allow me to concentrate on my projects without worrying. 
I could reduce my time sleeping or try to be more efficient but it looks like I have enough things on my plate at the moment, between work, the blog, the family and my essential weekly dose of social and cultural appointments. 
Perhaps I could cut the time I spend chatting -face to face, on the phone, on Whatsapp (which I am beginning to develop a sort of hatred for, read this for more funny complaining). It has become a world of people who speak too much without saying anything interesting?  
The best solution is probably the big fat inheritance. 
So I’m hearby announcing my availability for adoption prior to a presentation of assets and bank account records!!!! No time wasters please.
In the meanwhile, lets enjoy these charming designs from Witamina D, a polish design duo that create durable, simple things, using beautiful wood. 
Mi è balenata più volte l’idea di produrre degli arredi disegnati da me. Ho già una lista di design che farei. 
Il problema è che avrei bisogno di giorni più lunghi e/o di una grassa eredità che mi permetta di dedicarmi ai miei progetti senza pressioni. 
Potrei recuperare tempo dormendo meno o cercando di essere più efficiente ma mi sembra di fare già abbastanza, fra il lavoro, il blog, la famiglia e una dose di vita culturale e sociale, per me vitale.
Forse potrei ridurre il tempo speso a chiacchierare -faccia a faccia, al telefono, su Whatsapp (verso cui nutro astio al momento, leggi qui). E’ diventato un mondo di persone che parlano troppo senza dire niente (di necessario? di interessante? a voi l’ardua sentenza).
Mi sa che la soluzione migliore è la grassa grossa eredità. 
Apro ufficialmente le candidature per la mia adozione previa presentazione dichiarazione dei redditi; astenersi perditempo.
Nel frattempo, godiamoci questi interessanti design di Witamina D
un duo polacco che crea oggetti semplici e solidi, usando bei legni. 
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Elkebana, the first wall trophy suitable for vegans

A few days ago, a friend I work with at Allucinazione, as soon as he saw me, showed me these beautiful wall vases designed by a friend of his, sure of my enthusiasm. He wasn’t wrong and in fact I decided to write about it.

These very simple but extremely decorative designs are called Elkebana“the first wall trophy suitable for vegans”. 

It is a simple concept but very effective. It is made by a hand crafted piece of wood that resembles the head of an antelope or reindeer, completed with two glass tubes on which to put branches or flowers (that recall the horns of an antelope or reindeer).

You can change decorations every day if you want, using what you have in the garden or creating new combinations of stems.

The Elkebana wall trophies are sold here and cost around 129 euros each.

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Ikea new kitchen wall shelving system and too much Whatsapp

Busy week and weekend for me and tonight I can’t wait to have a shower and go to bed to read.
Some days I feel like the main thing I do is trying to be on time and in time, when my mobile phone accumulates unread Whatsup and emails to be opened. 
I often ask myself if this eccessive and overflowing communication allowed and incentivated by the mobile phones and by the internet connection is not a convinction, in the end. 
We can’t avoid telling each others things at all the time. 
It looks like our individuality makes sense only if shared and therefore watered down. We can’t avoid telling our opinion all the time, to live our daily life without sharing it. 
13 emails and 46 Whatsapp to read.
13 emails and 46 Whatsapp that you try to read while walking to the car, while you look for your wallet in the purse or at the traffic light when your son, sat at the back, is telling how his day went at school. 
I haven’t bought any kitchen in Ikea for a few months ( in 2014 and 2015 I picked 5 of them!) so I am not up-to-date as much with Ikea new collections. 
Never to late to catch up with the Falsterbo wall shelving system out at the beginning of the year but distribuited all around the world only these days.
As often when you speak about Ikea products, it is a total bargain, it looks cool and it is practical with the little drawers and hooks. 
It goes really well with the pine kitchen panels Torhamn (second photo from top) and the Vardagen accessories (last photo from top).
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Dolce&Gabbana fridges for Smeg

Having seen these refrigerators designed by Dolce & Gabbana for Smeg, you will never look at your fridge in the samelight (also because from now on you will  think that your fridge is cheap regardless of how much you paid for it, because these cost 34.000 dollars). 
The two Italian fashion designers were yet again inspired by  Sicilian art, so often a reference in their collections.  
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Primark lands in Italy

I used to shop in Primark in  London in 2000. 
At that time, Primark wasn’t so well-known to the public and the only shop was in Tooting, one of the less glamorous area of London.
I bought things there that I still have in my wardrobe. I remember being very vague when asked where I had got my clothes, even if they were actually complimenting them
A few years later half of the female London population were to be found in Primark.
The big Irish high street brand is arriving in Italy imminently near Milan
They are going to open a home section as well. 
In memory of the amazing afternoons in Tooting sharing the big changing room and advice with colorfully dressed strangers, I have selected for you some pretty items for the home from Primark website.
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Hermes jungle fever

I think I’ve caught the ‘Hermes jungle fever‘. 
One of my favourite recent designs is Jardin d’Osier by Hermes for Dedar (top image). 
I love its vibrant colors, the fact that it is exotic still quite abstract; I am sure it will become a classic in the interior world. 
At first I fell in love with the blue and green version, Jardin d’Osier M03 (below) but now I really like the other two variations. 
Jardin d’Osier is not the only interesting wallpaper and textile created by the Parisian maison.
Equatour (second image from top) and Tendresse Feline (third image from top) carry all the colonial charme that Hermes has always had. My favourite is, without shadow of a doubt- M03, in sepia. 
I also find the Zébrures textiles very attractive (the zebra design pictured here in red and black) in all the color versions. 

Sophie Pailleret has based the color palette for the living room in her Parisian flat on Hermes Jardin d’Osier and doing so she made the cover of the march issue Elle Decoration (photo by Christian Schaulin). 

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Vintage tours in Rome

Probably not all of you know that I organize and host vintage tailormade tours for tourists in Rome. One of the most popular stops is Porta Portese, a massive market in the centre of Rome that takes place every Sunday. Among the many stalls selling all sort of things, there is an area dedicated to antiques, vintage and home decor. Some of my most admired treasures come from there (see this chair...).
A few years ago buying at Porta Portese was really convenient, now vintage is trendy and the  market sellers, fed up of seeing the same things they sell being sold at four times  the price in fancy shops, have become a bit more pricey; still bargaining is accepted and if you think outside the box you can pick up some really good deals that your friends will envy you for (like this leather wooden chair)
The fun thing is that at Portese you can find the most bizarre things.
During my tours I show people the best the Eternal city can offer, creating itineraries that take into consideration  individual interests and needs; my aim is to help them to live the experience without worrying about practicalities and with a much better understanding not just of Roman history but also of its uses, customs and scandals
I have attached I few pics I took during my last tour. 
For information or to book a tour email me at: