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Zara Home bed linen

I think I am almost ready to cuddle up with my duvet again having packed it away at the beginning of summer. The last weekend spent in England where the temperature is mild, but more appropriate for the season, reminded me that the pleasure of winter is warm, snuggly bed. Not to be found unprepared, I am going to buy some new bedlinen from Zara Home. I generally shop there for sheets and sometimes photo frames. 
The quality of the cotton is good and I always find  some elegant but trendy designs there
Keep in mind that in September the shipping is free when you order online!
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Rope furniture

You can take inspiration everywhere. 

I have always thought that ropes could be good material for new designs and in fact there are a few out there already. I love rope because it is resistant, doesn’t bobble, is highly tactile even if preserves the idea of softness typical of textile and, above all, it carries with it the fascination of sailing and fishing. I really would like to buy a rope rug, I saw a few in La Maddalena but they were black and expensive. Maybe I shall make my own!
If you fancy a bit of DIY  to get you in the autumn mood, follow Design Sponge‘s advice and make your own rope door stop with sea ropes but also with climbing ropes!
from the top : 
Femme chair by Studio Rik Ten Velden

– Versatile furnishing Selischaft by Seilfaktur, made by  
   climbing ropes
Hypha collection by Position
Lauren bed by Bruce Marsh

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Pinch Design

 Hello my dear readers! Guess what? I am on holiday! Unfortunately because I push myself to the limit, sometimes my body rebels and it is exactly what is happening today: I feel terrible, I have no energy and have an annoying headache. I will have to learn to stop and look after myself better, I suppose. 
But lets speak about exciting things instead! I love the new Joyce cabinet by Pinch Design. It combines wood, colour and iron, it has some display shelves but also some draws to hide clutter and because it is closed using glass doors it doesn’t collect dust or grease making it perfect for the kitchen as well. 
I also like the Lowry sideboard, the Vigo shelving and the Joyce chest of drawers, all have nice, clean designs and are well-made. 
Pinch Design was born in 2004 “with a single aim; to design and make furniture and lighting that we would want to live with”.  They are based in London, in an area where I lived for a few years, Clapham North. I will definitely go to see them when I next go to London.
+deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_Joyce_cabinet_2 +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_lowry_sidetable +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_clyde_table +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_float_table +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_derome_lights
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Precious Kartell

This is going to be a short one because last night I went  to another cool party hosted by my fabulous friends Mire and Marco (this year they are in very good form, it is the third one in less than 2 months) with Alex and my cousin Piero from Milan and today I feel very rough. The fact that Giulio, bless him, woke up at 5, fresh as a daisy, wanting to play and watch “Madagascar” didn’t help, I suppose. 
Anyway, you have probably noticed that gold is back, strongly back. People have started wearing gold jewellery kept in the safe since the Nineties and  golden tabs have made an appearance again.
I am a big fan of Kartell because they master how to make plastic look cool. Their pieces are beautiful, practical, comfortable, resistant and competitive. Of course they couldn’t be left behind in gold rush and they came up with the Precious Collection, including the version in metallic colours of some of their iconic designs. 
And you? Do you like gold?
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Brabantia, a good investment

Hello everyone, the summer has properly kicked off here, the thermometer is over 30 degrees most of day and sweating has yet again become the norm, even with the air conditioning on. 
This morning, I was watching my son battering the trash can with his plastic hammer in the kitchen and I decided it was about time to write a post about Brabantia. My friends took the mickey out of me a lot when I moved into my previous house and despite battling my budget every day as you usually do when you buy and refurbish a place, I was obsessed about getting the right Brabantia bin. I am glad I did. I have had it for ages and it is still working and looks great.
I have always been a big fan of Brabantia because I think they make some of the best trash cans in the market at fair prices. They have recently started producing these cute colourful bins.You can pick between over 200 colours or go for beautiful Mineral Collection
I am not one of those people that thinks you have to spend a lot of money on everything and I also don’t think that the price means necessarily high quality. Trash cans are one of the objects you use the most in the house, more than your shower and more than your toilet, it is advisable therefore to invest in a good looking and solid one.
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Kids’ play tents

I really want to get Giulio and his friend Livia a play tent where they can both hide and escape from their parents. There are some really cool ones out there to buy and it isn’t  difficult to make one with scraps of fabrics. 
The tent by Such Great Heights (top left) can be transformed into a clothes rack, an original idea. I like the structure of fairy pink by Haba Caro (top right) and if your child is obsessed with pink you can also go for the Hello Kitty one, a classic.
The camper van shaped tent by Land of Nod is perfect for boys and girls and the circus inspired house below by Pink Olive is more suitable for the dreamers out there.  
If you feel creative you can attempt to make one yourself following the clear instructions (below) that Drea  has kindly shared on her colorful blog.

If you want to get an imaginative tent for the entire family, don’t forget the wicked tents from one of my first posts

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The Salone del Mobile and the concept of originality

Stacked Light by Sander Wassink and Na’yan Pesach
I went to the Salone del Mobile in Milan this week. I had a lot of fun and I had some much needed time to myself but I find these events are not as inspiring as they used to be. The internet has somehow shortened the life span of originality. The first times I went to London or Paris in my late teens and early twenties, things were different and trends didn’t spread so quickly. We used to come back with ideas, people used to dress differently and places like bars and clubs used to look diverse in other countries. And I am not speaking about centuries ago. Now you will see the same shop windows in the centre of Madrid, Rome, London or Moscow, people wear the same clothes and follow the same fashions, places all look the same, belle epoque vintage and white tiles. Also fairs are not an exclusive window displaying what is new anymore but simply a series of new objects under the same roof that you will see on the internet in a matter of seconds. What is truly original now and how can you truly be unique? Maybe the concept itself is outdated, globalization has broken down many barriers but it has also made us all a bit the same, more similar than ever. What do you think? What do you find original?
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Ikea Ps 2014 Collection

 The PS 2014 Ikea Collection was just launched, I have attached a few images. It was designed by 14 designers from all over the world and as usual it has got a few interesting pieces even if, I have to be honest, none of them really appeal to me. I like the corner sofa but it looks uncomfortable, the cage wardrobe is ok, I hope it will come in other colours as well and I am not sure about the decorative bits. The hanger with shelves reminds me too much of a rake. The coffee table is not my taste, I don’t like the combination of colours and the base of it. Anyway I am an absolute fan of Ikea and I hold back any real judgement until I see the collection for real in the shops (even if the PS collections also look best in photos in my opinion).