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Atelier Areti lights

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and ready for another inspiring week.
As usual I’m taking advantage of the fact that my little boy Giulio is sleeping and use these precious night hours to work and gather ideas. I am selecting some lights for one of my clients and I will definitely include the Mimosa Pendant by Atelier Areti. 
Atelier Areti is a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be  dominated by vintage industrial lights or by contemporary well known classical designs nowadays. Founded by two pretty and extremely qualified Austrian/French sisters, Atelier Areti proposes poetic pieces, simple elegant lights that carry the charm of 1930’s cinema and a certain oriental refinement.
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Studio Snowpuppe Origami lampshades



The current economic climate in many Western countries -Italy unfortunately being almost at the top of the list- is not thriving and even the wealthiest of my clients are shy to spend. Furthermore waste is not trendy anymore, recycling and being conservative is back in fashion thankfully. I am therefore always looking for affordable decorative solutions, for fresh  products that people can buy without a second thought. Check these springtime paper Origami lights from Studio Snowpuppe, are they not adorable?
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Cool hooks

The Dots by Muuto
Monsier Dress Up by Loyalloot
Stone Hook by Vivaterra
Kawenzmann by Artificial-Pop Corn
Ribbon by Via
Grundtal by Ikea

I am so tired tonight and in need of a good night’s sleep that I am only going to post some images and a big good night or good day wherever you are!

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Seletti Versailles Fluo

Most of the people I know in the UK have had a wedding list at John Lewis. I totally understand why, John Lewis has an incredibly wide range of quality products ranging from furniture to clothing to children’s stuff but still, I have to say, it is not the most original idea for a wedding list.
If I wasn’t already married (to an Englishman who wasn’t even interested in a wedding list), my choice would have been Seletti. It is a shame that they don’t have a brand shop (yet?).
I have already blogged about some Seletti designs in the past (Toilet Paper by Maurizio Cattelan, the Hybrid Collection by CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio and some lights Egg of Columbus by Valentina Carretta for Fabrica) and I can’t resist the temptation to speak about the Seletti Versailles Fluò, post-modern vases and dishes “that re-propose the baroque style of regal courtsin an opaque all-white finish with a fluorescent accent”. For less than 200 euros or pounds or dollars, you can pick up an object designed by Selab that is on permanent show at the Museum of Art and Design in New York
For other wedding gift ideas, also check my post dedicated to the subject.  

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White beds

Ghost by Paola Navone (for Gervasoni)
SiebenSchlafer by Christoffer Martens (for Nils Holger Moormann)
Talamo by Damian Williamson (for Zanotta)
Edland by Ikea
I need a new double bed for our bedroom but I can’t make my mind up. I could do with some more storage and it occurred to me it might be a good idea to get one of those beds you can lift. The problem is that I like beds with legs, one of the few exceptions being Ghost by Paola Navone (which I can actually afford). 
I like light frames, I don’t particularly like beds that look like blocks. Also I like white or light wood beds (which would give me a colour scheme headache considering that in our bedroom I have some beautiful briar-root pieces from the ’50s inherited from my grandparents). Whilst spinning around in my current furniture crisis, I thought you would appreciate a selection of white beds, some of which are classics. 
P.S: I don’t know why on earth Ikea have discontinued the Edland bed but they must have their reasons.
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Eye Shadow by Marcel Wanders


Designed in 1998 by Marcel Wanders for Cappellini, the Eye Shadow lamp can be considered a classic  in the history of design for its simple, elegant shape and its scale. Originally white, it has been recently released a new limited edition version of the lamp that is throughly unique. It is covered by a trippy pvc and viscose fabric designed by Marcel Wanders, inspired in my book by the Art Deco glasses in churches and the psycadelic patters of the Seventies (what a combination!). 
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Sitting on the paintings : Yoy Studio’s style

It is not easy to have original ideas nowadays (especially when the temperature is above 38°!), that’s why we cyclically fish trends from the past and propose them again with variations due to the inevitable change of taste (for this reason you rarely manage to wear again stuff that have been in your wardrobe for years).
Every time I come across an attempt to do something new, like Canvas from the Japanese studio YOY, I feel refreshed. They look like sort of screen printed paintings representing seats but the elastic canvas hides behind a wood and aluminum structure that allows you to use it as a chair. Canvas are available in three different sizes, a stool, an armchair and a two seat sofa. Unfortunately this bi-dimensional furniture by Naoki Ono aren’t priced, at the moment they are only examples of a concept, so I’m asking you, how much would you pay for one of them? I would love to have one just to see my guests faces when I suddenly sit on the art work.
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Wall headboard stickers

I am not a big fan of wall stickers but these funky headboards by Blik can make a statement in a simple white bedroom and dignify a bed. It is a good solution, for instance, in rented places where you are generally limited with what you are allowed to do and how much you can invest; they also add interest to a bed comprised of just a mattress and a bed frame. I particularly like the Wrought Iron Headboard, the red one in the first photo (top right). If you have a steady hand you can even try to paint the headboard yourself but I am not sure it is worth the fuss considering how affordable these wall decals are. 
I prefer beds without headboards anyway but of course only if you put them against a wall. In my book the simpler the bed‘s structure the better. 
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Work table lights

Work lights have been trendy for quite a while and they are part of the industrial aestetics that have overtaken the world in the last few months. Our taste in decoration has definitely changed in the last 10 years, mainly because we don’t want a house decorated based on one style but it is considered normal and cool to mix periods and looks. Industrial work lights were invented in the thirties with the precise aim to improve visibility at work. The table and floor versions above all, with two or more adjustable arms, revolutionized the job of,  dentists and architects for instance, allowing them to point the light exactly where needed. Now industrial work lights allow us to insert a urban and versatile element into our spaces. 
Above, I have selected a few table work lights. The first one from the top is Arod from Ikea. I have put two – one table and one floor light- in a flat I renovated before Christmas and I built them myself. They are quite solid and heavy but only come in grey (which is actually the best ‘go with everything’ colour). Ikea‘s Arod is definitely a good option. The second from the top is Original 1227 by Anglopoise  in red and it is a bit more intricate, it is more feminine. This model is available in three colours but the Type Mini is available in a lot of cool colours. Anglopoise is also famous for its giant version of this light, another massive trend. The third one more sleek, I would say more adult, it is Mike Desk Light from John Lewis, cheap but obviously not the best quality. The dark red light on bottom left is the SI833 by Jielde. Jielde has been around since 1950 and proposes various models available in many colours. In most shops, there is a 3/4 week wait to get a Jielde light not already in stock; there are a few vintage ones on sale on-line but they are expensive. Last but not least, the elegant N°205 by Lamp Gras, here in white and chrome (last line on the right), beautifully refined and ever lasting but not easy to find in shops (in Italy is available from Ilaria Miani where I worked in the last years). 
Which one do you like best? Leave a comment!
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The vintage trattoria Meridionale

A few days ago I got lost in the area of Trastevere in Rome and I walked passed this pretty trattoria called Meridionale in a picturesque street  just off the more touristic roads. The restaurant has got some nice light coming from a skylight and lovely feel to it. The owners -one from Naples and one from Calabria hence the name of the restaurant-  decorated the place themselves without any professional help and they have partly used pieces of furniture and objects from their own houses. The result is pleasant and the atmosphere inviting. I like the original poster of the Italian movie “The Boom” a lot, I wish I had one.