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Wicker + metal garden chairs

Summer has arrived almost everywhere in Europe. Last Friday I organized, like every year, a birthday party at my friends’ house, on their lovely panoramic terrace. They have a dark grey outdoor sofa and armchairs made of hand woven plastic rattan that look very good. There are now some gorgeous garden chairs with wicker seats and metal structure on the market, a nice concept: the combination of the solidity of a contemporary hard material and the craftsmanship of a natural material plus, now, some cool bright colours. 
Have a look at my selection of wicker lamps, here.
 From top clockwise:
Raphia by Lucidipevere for Casamania
Too deep by Corradi
Hogsten by Ikea
Roxy by Vincent Sheppard
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The corner sofa

Charles sofa by Moroso

When I am asked some advice about a sofa, first of all I try to understand what the person in front of me likes, what their idea of relaxation is etc. Most people, above all in Italy, tell me that they would like a corner sofa because they are perfect for slobbing. Now I have to admit that I am not a big television viewer and I probably spend less than two hours a week in front of it (funnily enough, when I do it I watch c*ap T.V. like Geordie Shore or Fashion Hunters) so I struggle to understand this passion for corner sofas. I’m sure that they are comfortable, and when you have one you can avoid buying an armchair, in some cases they help to separate a room; still I often find corner sofas inadequate for the space they are located in and often cumbersome. The most important thing  is to choose the right furniture for the space and not the other way around. If you can’t live without a corner sofa, first of all take the measurements of the room properly. It sounds obvious but you can’t imagine how many times I see houses with pieces of furniture out of proportion. As a generic rule,  none of the pieces of furniture should be dominating. Keep in mind when you decide the budget that if you live in a city where houses are generally smaller, your corner sofa might not fit so well in your next house. Corner sofas should never be put by radiators because they block the spreading of the warmth.  Because they have big dimensions, go for slender models, for instance with legs or with thin arms or no arms at all. If the space where you are going to put it is not very big, go for light colours. Last but not least look for brands that have corner sofas that can be separated into different individual pieces.

Gentry sofa by Moroso


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Muse lights by Axo

W.O.K. Restaurant in Rome
Last week, I went to an area of Rome for work where I don’t go very often. I was 30 minutes early (these things happen when you travel by public transport) and I went to have a look at a light shop on Via Salaria called New Lux. Among a good selection of good quality lights, I spotted these sort of jellyfish lamps that looked really good on the wall and give a soft light (see the first picture at the top taken in the shop), so I thought I would shared it. They are called Muse by the brand Axo Light.


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I ♥ Maurizio Cattelan for Seletti!

Do you want to buy me a present and make me happy? I have a tip for you then:  I love love love the new range of dishes, cups, table-clothes entitled Toilet Paper by Maurizio Cattelan for Seletti. I know, a lot of bloggers promise give-aways and I, on the other hand, demand presents but I can’t resist, I want these plates with livers!!!!!, horses, hands, plungers  horseshoes and much more. They were launched at the Salone del Mobile by Seletti and they are available in white, mint (ice-cream) and light blue (70’s tiles). Seletti, an Italian brand active since 1964 also produces the cool Hybrid collection and the pretty lights Eggs of Columbus, as well as many other beautiful designs
Maurizio Cattelan on his sculpture L.O.V.E (photo Elle Decor).
Also I think I fancy Maurizio Cattelan. 
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Kids’ chairs


I want to buy a little chair for my 18 month old son who is really into sitting on small things at the moment. There a thousand of options and I think I will get a vintage one in the end but that made me think that a designer little chair is a wicked present for a kid. My sister and I bought one of our best friend’s son, Matteo, a Lou Lou Ghost chair, a few years ago and he is still using it (she is expecting twins now so I suppose the chair will be used much more). The chairs with one star are affordable, with two stars are kind of affordable,with three stairs are expensive.

From the top: 
Tica Chair by The Rocking Company
bbo2 Chair for notNeutral
Classroom Chair by Benjamin Cherner
Mini Togo Chair by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset
Playball Chair sold by Little Nest

Panton Junior Chair by Verner Panton for Vitra

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Outdoor wallpaper by Wall & Decò







This is not only a very good idea but it is also a range of interesting large scale designs.

Wall & Decò, an Italian brand famous for its big scale indoor wallpaper designs widely used by hotels and restaurants, launched the OUT Outdoor Unconventianal Texture, a collection of  outdoor wallpapers, made with an adhesive, a technical fabric and a finishing treatment. They work perfectly in super modern buildings and they could be used to make some city corners more attractive.
I like the black and white geometric  designs, especially the ones pictured above.


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Baxter lights

Sorry, I disappeared for two or three days but I had a job to finish and, apart from my beloved Ashtanga yoga practice, I haven’t had much time to do much else. I am back now with these fabulous lights. It is not easy nowadays to invent something new and baroque but Baxter– italian brand famous mainly for its quality sofas- managed with this collection.
I find the wall lights or Abajour by Baxter particularly interesting . These, in fact, are the cool version of wall lights, they dress the room and they create a nice light not like the horrible built in wall lights so popular in the nineties.
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African inspiration in Ikea

You probably all know by now that I consider the people at Ikea geniuses not just from a design point of view but also for their clever marketing, packaging and attention to the environment. It is also the only place in the world where I eat dodgy meat (how can you resist a hot dog or horse dog after a marathon through thousands of pieces of furniture?). You have to be careful though to not exaggerate, Ikea’s style is utterly recognizable and we have seen it all before: in the wrong context, they can be really boring. Above I have selected a few items inspired by Africa. If cleverly mixed with some vintage pieces and some lush plants, they will give your space an exotic African look which is very trendy right now. 
From top right clockwise :
-Vate paper light in red
-Vate paper light in blue
-Koldby cow skin rug
-Angenam vase
-Nasu bin
-a selection of fabrics by metres  
-Vate paper light in pink
-Karlskrona chaise longue
-Tradklover cushion
-Brommo chaise longue
-Kottebo bin 
-Vate paper light in yellow
-Vinager dish
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Some of the best free-standing baths

Io by Flaminia.
Vicchensw by Cheshire.
Montefresco by Albion.
Morphing by Zucchetti.
This is one those posts that I struggle to publish because the more I think about it, the more I research the subject, the more things I find that I would like to show you. I don’t have the space to fit a free-standing bath in the house I live in now and I am not even a big fan of baths having a restless personality (my husband says “I have ants in my pants”) but I love the way they look. I have picked different styles but they’re all very sleek, my favourite being the Monfresco.
From the top: Io by Flaminia, Vicchensw by Cheshire, Monfresco by Albion, Morphing by Zucchetti.
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Tom Dixon’s elegance

What should we expect from a guy with such a catchy name, born in Tunisia to a French mother and a British father, a former leader of a punk band, who started designing furniture because he was passionate about welding? Nothing less than a prolific and brilliant career to date. Tom Dixon is one of these people I would like the have as a guest for dinner, I don’t know if it is simply because he seems to be a nice bloke or because I hope to see some flaws in amongst an abundance of qualities.
Among the dozens of beautiful things he has designed, I have chosen some objects that describe one of the most interesting trends of the moment, black and white with touches of gold, the colors of  new elegance. 
Gold is back in interior design and in fashion (you should see the golden nail polish I have painted on my toes!).
From top left clockwise:  Screw Table large and small, Cast Shoe Black and Cast Shoe Copper from The Eclectic collection, Wingback ChairBlack Legs, the Lustre Lights, the Beat Vessels and the Black Beat Lights all by Tom Dixon (pictured below).