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Green, pink and gold: Felix Soho

Who wouldn’t want to have a coffee at the Felix Roasting Co.?

After the great success of the Felix Roasting Co. in Midtown in New York and thousands of Instagram shares of its photos, Ken Fulk, designer, creative director and partner of the project and proprietor Matthew Moinian opened last August another hot shop in Soho, London, Felix Soho.

Like the American sibling, the interiors are lush and eye-catching. The dominant colours -a rich blue-green, a soft pink and sparkling gold- bring together different materials and patterns.

(Photographs courtesy Felix Roasting Co.)

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8 items to always buy at Ikea

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I read somewhere once that Ikea’s founder Feodor Ingvar Kamprad, one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever, had a simple but ambitious dream when he founded Ikea at the age of seventeen: he wanted an Ikea piece in every house. He has actually almost fulfilled his dream, Ikea is the most popular furniture and house product brand in the world.

I have selected 8 items that I believe are always worth buying at Ikea, classic designs at the usual affordable prices by the Swedish brand. They all look good in most homes and they are very practical.

Stilren is a pretty slim stoneware vase that looks amazing against a bright wall.

I liked all of the Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford, launched in 2015, and I regret not having bought more of the pieces because some of them are not available anymore. I use the Sinnerlig pendant when I need a big affordable light that creates a soft glowing luminosity.

The Billy bookcase has been for years one of the very few budget bookcases that isn’t very deep. It has a very simple design, it tends to disappear which is want you want from bookshelves that are not high design.

The Ribba frame is used all over the world by artists and designers which says it all.

I generally use Hol table when I need some hidden storage for my clients, I have never really used it as a table. I usually have some hinges fixed so that the lid becomes a door and sometimes I get it painted.

Stilren vase
Gronodal chair
Sinnerlig light
Lustigt tool box
Ribba frame
Billy bookshelves
Lohals rug
Hol storage/table
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My love for September and the Hotel La Minervetta

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I love September. I love its golden light that enhances colors and shapes, I love the clear sky and the cooler evenings. I love the sensation of calm and regeneration that I carry after the holiday, the positive attitude and hopeful vibe that my contact with nature has left me with a slower pace after the summer months. I relish the fact that September is the end of the summer in Italy and yet is not quite the start of the cold season unlike many other countries in the Northern hemisphere. I like the nostalgic feeling that is floating on the air and the proximity of another holiday, Christmas.

I love spending time by the sea in September and in the autumn in general: contemplating the immense blue sea when most of the tourists have departed is for me a treat that not many get to revel in.

Of course, it is even better if you can do it in a charming place, with a lot of personality and an attractive views. Hotel La Minervetta in Sorrento is the perfect retreat for my September mood. I love how it has been decorated with marine colours and patterns and a well-balanced combination of local artisan pieces and eclectic art and photography. This explosive and color combination makes the hotel unique and snug.

Stripes, chevron, checks, pois and classic tiles patterns decorate walls, floors, chairs, sun longes and beds; the use of mainly two colours, red and blue, makes the look cohesive.

I love the liquid floor tiles in the living area, it makes the space look like it is floating on water. I love the extensive, worldly collection of objects and furniture, it all combines to create a marine, joyful contest that celebrates the beauty of the Costiera Amalfitana where the Hotel La Minervetta is based.

Photos by Bernard Touillon, courtesy of Hotel La Minervetta

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Angelot, turn disadvantages into advantages

Angelot -a patisserie shop in Xiasha in China– was born from the experience and vision of two young but very experienced Chinese architects,  Yan Zhang and Jianan Shan, founders of Say Architects studio.

The architects managed to solve some evident architectural disadvantages, like the recessed front door and the fact that the full height window inside that face a nice view. They didn’t try to hide these disadvantages, they made them focal points, strengths. The entrance, covered in customized tiles, is curved and it accompanies the clients inside, revealing the dining area slowly, like a surprise. In order to make sense to the two different heights between entry level (very low) and dining area (very high), they created a changing clearance along the route.

They used customized GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) to soften the wall and the semitransparent curtain to block exterior view but keeping the sunlight.

Some lemon tree add color and bring nature in the interiors, the cherry on the cake.

Photographs by Hao Zhang, courtesy of Say Architects.

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A few weeks ago we spoke about the Tommaso Spinzi Design collection Origini and about how much Tommaso’s design work is directly influenced by his experiences and passions. Origini is a collection inspired by the rediscovery of his city: Tommaso recently moved back to Milan having spent a few years working as an interior and furniture designer in Switzerland, Australia and New York. It seems he has returned brimming with energy and numerous new projects up his sleeve. 

Last week Spinzi Design has presented three collections live –Lamè, Planar and Meccano-at the Digital Design Week for the Fuorisalone (from 15th to 21th June, the digital version of the Furniture Show that couldn’t take place because of Covid-19). 

His designs are limited edition, made with a number of different materials but they are all very sculptural.  Palladium, for instance, the stool and occasional table that you can see pictured below, is a very graceful intercourse of a straight and curved line, of a steel rectangle or disk and a steel stripe. It is one of my favourite Spinzi designs for its understated elegance and its versatility.

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Casa Hoyos, how to drive tradition into 2020

Casa Hoyos, a boutique hotel in San Miguel De Allende, has been owned by the same Hoyos family for 4 generations. The hotel occupies a typical colonial Spanish manor in one of the most historical city in Mexico and it has been designed by AG Studio.

The 16 rooms hotel focus around the courtyard and its archways tiled with the colours of the family shield, black and peach, contrasted by walls tiled in a pungent yellow.

The choice of furniture is original, the colours and shapes of the pieces, many of which were custom designed for this project, are sapiently mixed. The result manages to be innovative and traditional at the same time, preserving the spirit of the place.

Photos by Diego Padilla
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Casa Plenaire by Studio Child

Traveling with your mind and fantasy is a skill that we have developed over thousands of years but with the level of realism we’re now used to on TV and social media it seems we’re using our imagination less sometimes. The new abstract looks much more real.

Thanks to the technological evolution, we can create worlds that look like or are better than the one we live in, we can make objects with a complex printer and build idyllic spaces sitting at our desk.

This is what Studio Child did for Plenaire, a dynamic, sustainable British skincare brand. Che Huang and Alexy Kos designed the perfect lockdown escape, a place where most of us would rather be now. Using a 3D program, the prolific duo designed a house by the sea (maybe on an island), flooded by light and air. The rooms remind me of the white-washed Greek houses hugging hills that roll down to azure oceans or the southern Italian houses with sleek rounded edges and circular ceilings surrounded by olive groves. The furniture is spartan but chosen carefully: pieces by Pierre Paulin, Eero Aarnio and Greta von Nessen go together with summer objects like stray hats, shells, fans and amphoras.

Studio Child has nailed it again, I can’t wait to see their next project! In the meanwhile, check out one of their recent cool projects, Humble Pizza in London.

Images courtesy of Child Studio

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Look into my eyes

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Poor my eyes: most of the time indoor and in front of a screen for hours every day. They fell so dry, I feel so sorry for them that publishing Lover’s Eye collection by Artefacto Madrid seems to me an original and fun way to apologize.

The Argentinian Santi Carbonari and Franco Donati source antique and vintage porcelain, restore it and “and stamp with (the) new designs through a careful process of high temperature vitrified. They have many collections of plates with different subjects but they are all fun and pop and original.

The decorations of the support of the antique or vintage porcelain complement and create a funky contrast with the fantastic and detailed prints representing tropical worlds, lunar places, collage beings, cartoon heroes and much more.

I wanted to publish at least other twenty plates!

Artefacto Madrid sells also prints, lights, t-shirts and glass objects.

The level of detail of the antique porcelain together with the quality and complexity of the prints makes these decorative plates pop and captivating.

For more porcelain on +DECO, use the search on the website or click here.

images courtesy of Artefacto Madrid.

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Let’s go to Paris! JAG Gallery

And just like that, traveling has become a distant memory, if not impossible. All of a sudden, borders have been closed and our immediate area where we live has became our whole world. Who knows how long for it will be that we won’t be able to take a plane, a train or a boat on a whim, not for work, pleasure or to explore, no matter how big the urge to escape is, no matter how much we want to visit a loved one.

What I like about blogging is that it allows me to make people travel from their desks to somewhere they might not imagine themselves going to, to inspire curiosity, to show readers new exciting things and places.

After Marrakech and the YSL Museum, Rome with the project by m2ft , Milan with Spinzi Design, today we are going to fly with imagination to Paris, to the sophisticated Galerie Jag.

Galerie Jag is where curator Jessica Barouch displays a carefully selected collection of objects and furniture by artists from all over the world.

The space is a cosy apartment in the 7th Arrondissement, displaying wonderful attention to detail and “beautify” (a word Jessica uses and that I love) by displaying numerous sculptural pieces that are a part of Galerie Jag’s collection.

Colors and materials play an important role in unifying all the artistic elements: warm white, black backgrounds, wood, earthy and mellow hues.

Designed by Yuko Nishikaya
Designed by Yuko Nishikaya
Designed by Floris Wubben
Designed by Floris Wubben
Designed by Michael Verheyden
Designed by Ryosuke Yazaki

(Images courtesy of JAG Galerie)

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The best outdoor furniture this year, so far

The best 2020 outdoor furniture according to +DECO? Ayana by B&B Italia!

The collection designed by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa is exactly what I would like for the terrace and garden I don’t have!

It combines the elegant simplicity of traditional Asian furniture, the longevity and solidity of wood , Scandinavian inspired shaped seats and a choice of fabulous, quality textiles for the upholstery (I absolutely love the fabrics shown in the photos below!).

What I like about this collection, apart from the looks, is that it is something you can live with and not be too precious with, something your kids will inherit because you’ll never get tired of it.