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Mercurio & C vintage shop

When I walked in the vintage shop Mercurio & C in Palermo (found like the majolica tile collection almost by chance), I couldn’t believe it.

I felt like a little girl in a candy shop. Mercurio is stuffed with the best vintage clothes and accessories I have ever seen and the choice is spectacular.

I can easily say that blogging saved my bank account because I managed to not fall into the temptation of buying dozens of pieces by hiding behind the camera and concentrating on taking the pictures that you can see below (not an easy task, I should wander around with a tripod).

Mercurio is a former jewellery shop open since the beginning of 1900, in Via Vittorio Emanuele in the centre of Palermo.

It still stores the original furniture and the original safes where jewellery were kept. Such a fascinating place is the perfect house for such a sophisticated vintage collection and when you walk around you feel that everything in Mercurio -the walls, the furniture, the bags, the clothes- has a story to tell.

In the two upstairs rooms, you feel like in a private showroom. I would love to take here my British girlfriends and spend the afternoon shopping and sipping champagne from a 1920 crystal glass. It is definitely my idea of fun.

(By the way, what is the number of the fabulous clogs in the photo below?)

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo


mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

mercurio, vintage clothes, vintage, palermo

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An incredible majolica tile collection

Last Saturday in Palermo, almost by chance, I discovered a gem Le Stanze al Geniowhich you can see in some of my photos of below.

Le Stanze al Genio is a private house, visits arranged by appointment only, where one of the biggest collections of majolica tiles in the world is kept.

The house/museum is on one floor of a building built between 1500 and 1600 AD and has ceilings decorated between the 18th and 19th century and some beautiful Liberty furniture.

The family that lives here has collected and restored majolicas from Sicily and Campania (the region where Naples is found), some of which are antique, and they have put them up on the walls all around the house.

Distributed around the 4 rooms is also a collection of vintage objects, toys, boxes (see my Instagram profile for a photo of those and some more photos of Palermo).

The passion they have showed in collecting all these gorgeous colorful pieces leaves you speechless.

Many of the majolica tile designs are incredibly contemporary. It can be a huge source of inspiration for graphic and textile designers and some patterns remind me of Missoni prints or some of the home fabrics on sale nowadays. The concrete tiles we see everywhere these days re-elaborate some of these designs.

What surprised my friend Rebecca and myself was that these are spaces that are lived in by the Torre and Benso family and within the walls covered in colour, among the al fresco ceilings, antique furniture, vintage objects and  17th century architectural features, there is also some Ikea stuff. It makes it real.

The art work, hanging in front of the windows and part of the collection “Babau” by Gai Candido, goes really well with the colours that fill the spaces.

In a few words, it is unmissable and they have recently opened the Stanze al Genio Bed & Breakfast with the same characteristics as the house/museum, so you can even sleep in it.

If you want to see the images of another of my discoveries in Palermo, an amazing vintage shop, don’t miss the next post!









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Nick Barclay’s posters

I can’t stand still recently, I feel restless- sometimes anxious, sometimes just happy to work hard.
Today I went to print a big photo that I am going to glue (…or Alex will, he doesn’t know it yet) on a piece of corrugated fiberglass.
There is always need of some good new ideas to ‘dress’ our walls.
Nick Barcklay‘s incredible graphic designs, that I discovered while searching for a present for my cocktail manager friend Stefano (who we ended up buying a bottle of Blue Label Johnnie Walker for; for the full story and to see what else I discovered, click here) are definitely a good idea.
Nick Barcklay is a very cunning graphic design based in Australia with the rare gift of being able to picture every concept in geometry and color.
In his world, cities are described with a neat and polished combination of shapes and tints, the history of 007 is a collection of abstract symbols on a black background, cocktails are pictured through attractive geometries.
I love his work. It is different and refreshingly original.
Recently he studied “a visual technique where by staring at the top word will make the word below slowly disappear”.
In the series Vanishing Type, if you stare at the world LOVE for long enough the word HATE will disappear (see the image below of the poster with blu stripes and ping writings) and the same for GUNS/LIVES, KNOWLEDGE/IGNORANCE, MONEY/INTEGRITY.
They are not actually my favourite posters designed by Nick Barclay but I really like the concept behind it.
The coffee collection is also new (see the bitmap image at the bottom), with very trendy and relaxing colors. Being an Italian I only drink espresso and to fully appreciate the collection, I should research what some of the coffees are like, for instance, the flat white.

deco_nick-barclay_cities deco_nick-barclay_london-underground-lines new-group-shot-4 deco_static-squarespace_nick_barclaydeco_nick-barclay_007


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A new era has begun!


+deco, a blog that speaks about interior design, has a new website


I am really happy to announce that +deco has taken on a new guise.

After 4 years online, it was time to switch to a more complex layout that will make visiting the blog more fluid for visitors and regular readers.

So, with the help of the talented guys at IQUII, we have rethought +deco’s structure, maintaining its distinctive flavours: the background and the logo designed by me, the clarity of the organization of the content and the free spirit of writing the posts.

Moreover, the double version in English and Italian isn’t inside the same post anymore but you can select the language you want by just clicking on the flag on the side; also the content is better indexed and navigating around the website is easier and more fluid.

In the last few years, I feel that I have reached a reassuring self-known that reflects well, I think, on my way of proposing you ideas and contents for your spaces.

It is not that now I know who I am – that, deep down, I have always known- it is that finally I don’t feel the desire to be something else (don’t get me wrong, sometimes I would like to have something else or I would like to avoid some situations but that is part of life I guess).

+deco went in this direction, becoming, week after week, a window into a world more and more distinguished by a style and by a certainty that when decorating, the inspiration comes from many parts.

It has became more and more an entity and a reference point in the field, even if I have always preferred thousands of real and interacting readers than millions of fake followers or likes.

It is with this hope – that you’d always have and keep in your life and in the approach to decoration an independent opinion and a sort of aestethic courage- that I proudly present the new +deco and I officially inaugurate a new period where I will show you amazing things!

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Sketch blossoming for the Mayfair Flower Show

One of my favourite place in London is Sketch or at least this version of it considering that every so often they change it around completely, giving it a total different look.
My girlfriend Jackie treated me for a champagne tea last year for my birthday. 
Right now Sketch, with the help of four talented florist, looks like this. 
The installation of plants and flowers celebrates the famous Chelsea Flower Show, that takes place this year from 18th to 24th May. 
If you want to see more photos of Sketch, see my previos post “The world is pink: The Gallery by Inda Mahdavi” or “The Glade, a new idea of trompe l’oeil” (The Gallery and The Glade are the names of one of the restaurants and one of the bars  inside Sketch)
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Bisazza mosaics by Studio Job

Quality mosaics are a good way to dress your bathroom, they give it a luxury look, you will always appreciate them regardless of fashions and they reflect the light due to the shininess of the tiles. I am not a big fan of rich mosaics outside the bathroom but I might have to change my mind this year having seen the new Bisazza collection by Studio Job, recently presented in Milan.
Someone described this mosaic collection as spooky, I think it is over the top and a lot of fun. 
For the brave, I believe. 
The creative couple under the name Studio Job has always sparked my curiosity because they truly come out with some innovative ideas (and also because I can’t decide if the guy looks more like Liam Gallagher or Nick Cave). 
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Hotel Panache in Paris

Nowadays budget hotels set trends and serve as an inspiration.  
We have already seen some pictures of the colourful Hotel Henriette in Paris with some amazing ideas to copy and a selection of images of the super cool Mama Shelter’s Hotels designed by Philip Starck; today it is the turn of the Hotel Panache, located near the Grands Boulevards and Gare du Nord. 
The beds, the wallpapers, the old black telephones on the wall, the seats in rusty orange velvet, the golden details….a must see!
+deco_egiavarini_hotel_panache_restaurant_3 +deco_egiavarini_hotel_panache_restaurant_3
photos from Carton Magazine and the hotel’s website.
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A colorful Chicago house

I had a lovely relaxing weekend with some friends that were visiting from England. They left two hours ago and I just have a bit of time, after the usual general tidy up, to show you this colorful home in Chicago from Design Sponge, before collapsing (last night we didn’t hold back). 
The couple who live there know that children are unable to show the same care around the house as adults and yet they  have managed to achieve a fabulous look with mainly vintage objects.
+deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_1 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_8 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_10 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_11 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_2 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_12 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_7 +deco_egiavarini_chiacago_home_9