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Urban Jungle Bloggers: #Plants & Glass

 Welcome to April!
This month the challenge for the Urban Jungle Bloggers green community is “Plants & Glass”.
It was quite interesting taking some pictures yesterday with my son Giulio at home with chickenpox, keen to play with me after having spent all day with the babysitter. 
He wanted to work as a stylist and kept putting is toys around the plants hence the giraffe in one of the pictures. 
For this shoot I used a 1950’s ice bucket that I generally use a toothbrushes container and a little jar I bought at Porta Portese market in Rome. 
If you want to achieve the same  see-through effect you can also get some plexy-glass pots, like the one I have in my bedroom; they are lighter and they don’t break as easily. 
The little octagonal table comes from Morocco, I took it back in my rucksack a few years ago!
The concrete tiles are from Mosaic der Sur
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Dandelion tiles: my most pinned photo.

The one above is the most pinned photo from my Pinterest page. It is part of the post “New ways to do geometric” and it pictures the amazing Dandelion tiles by Marrakesh Design.
I understand why people want to pin or share this image: the concrete floor is gorgeous and it goes really well with the fabulous copper bath and the attractively styled plants. Not mention the fluffy dog of course.
I have attached some more pics of these geometric patterned tiles from Marrakesh Design for you to enjoy.
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Half painted walls





When you have your first child, people feel compelled to share some advice based on their experience with such a wonderful and tricky task. 
Some suggestions are very useful, some less, some are given by people who have different ideas and priorities. 
For instance, nobody ever warned me that kids take up  more space than you imagine. It sounds obvious but it is something you can’t understand until you have kids. I have had a hippy approach to kids stuff, I have always thought you don’t need much-you can easily live without a homegenizer or a nappy bin– still when they grow, they become little people with their own wardrobes,  books,  toys,  swimming gear. And they grow up fast. 
Also nobody ever mentioned the fact that they are dirty little creatures who like to draw on walls and cast finger prints on every white surface within reach! 
If I had known that I would have definitely gone for a half painted wall like the ones pictured in the photos. 

So if you are expecting your first child or if, for instance, you have a table next to the walls like in some of the examples picture above, consider picking one of these bi-colored solutions. 



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Mazzini 31 Hotel: punchy colours and antique shades

 I have started to work for a cool production company called Allucinazione and I am glad to have returned to normality after the Christmas break.
I am the first to admit that  I’m not a big Christmas person. I like spending time with my family and friends, I like the festive atmosphere but I miss my space after a bit. I like to be by myself sometimes, I need it. I like to go to places by myself. I like some silence at times. 
The place I am showing you today is to share too. It would be a shame not to.
The  Mazzini 31 Hotel is in Monteleone, a municipality in Umbria, near Terni and was founded in 1052 by  Orvieto’s town leaders. 
The hotel is a stupendous palace overlooking the countryside. Well chosen modern elements and all the possible comforts fit in well in the old rooms; original floors and walls present elegant shades of pastel shades, somehow enhanced by the strong colours of some newly upholstered pieces of furniture and the punchy tones of the plexyglass inserts.
For more photos, have a look at their website.  
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Kook restaurant


Hello, how are you? I am taking advantage of the fact that I am a bit quieter with at the moment and I am going to the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute more often to practice yoga, which I love and have been doing for years  . 
We spoke in the past about how much I  would like to incorporate a tree or a vertical garden (like this) in the place where I live, so today I wanted to show you another good example of this concept. In the middle of the main room of the restaurant KOOK, there is a big healthy olive tree protected by some glass walls and nourished by the natural light coming down from a black framed skylight. Apart from that, the space is the showcase of some of the most common trends of the moment such as industrial furniture and concrete tiles but the final result is pleasant and tasteful. 
The idea of writing on concrete in order to add interest to this rough material really works (see the Casa the Coto in Portugal for more ideas). 
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Calico wallpaper

What can you do if you are stuck at home because of a hurricane alert? It doesn’t happen in Rome, if I’m to be honest, but I know that a number of my followers live in areas where this is a real threat.
Most people baton down the hatches and ride out the storm; Rachel and Nick Cope decided  to use that strained confinement to experiment with the antique Japanese and Turkish techniques of making and coloring used paper.
The result is Calico, an amazing marble effect wallpaper (named after the spotted cat’s coat) that fits perfectly into this new marble mania in the world of interiors. I particularly like the golden and white version, it lights up the room with its sparkle and looks luxurious. And the good news is that it costs 32 dollars a square foot. 
+deco_calico_wallpaper_gold_white +deco_calico_wallpaper_grey +deco-calico_wallpaper_elizabeth_lerich_exhibition +deco_calico_wallpaper_design_miami +deco_calico_wallpaper_FvF_Vitra_Apartment
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Outstanding walls

Fancy a change? Would you like to be a bit more bold in decorating your house?
Here a selection of ideas to transform a bare wall into something outstanding.
From the top left: 
-black bricks (photo Matthew Williams)
– a display of simple frames and the colour black in a period house(photo Martin Muller)
-heavily knotted savaged timber board from Home&Gardens July 2015 issue
-an amazing living moss wall (photo by Matthew Williams for Living Etc) ♥♥♥♥♥
-1960’s wallpaper (photo by Ricardo Labougle)
-a very graphic yellow, black and white room by the interior designer Sarah Lavoine (photo DCasa)
-old tiles unusually behind a bed in the Talia Hotel in Modica, Sicily, Italy. 

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The Duck and Rice restaurant in London

Last weekend I was in London and my friends Jackie and Kelly took me for a birthday treat to The Gallery at Sketch for an amazing afternoon tea (and a glass of proper champagne). On the way to Oxford Circus where I was supposed to meet them, I walked past the newly opened The Duck and Rice and I couldn’t resist to take a peek inside. 
The Duck and Rice showcases, in a blue shell, some of the biggest trends of the moment: copper beer tanks, brown leather upholstered industrial seats, gold finished lights, rich wooden floors, elaborated glass walls
The result is very classy and not predictable. The flowery blue and white walls soften the predominant masculine presence of browns, wood and leather, and brushed bronze. 
It is definitely a look to copy.
I was tempted to stop for a nibble to be honest, apparently the food is really good there, either at the restaurant upstairs or at the gastropub downstairs…next time!
If you want to recreate the same look, just get a vintage light, a wooden table, a brown leather armchair and, for instance, one of Christian Lacroix’s wallpapers from Designers Guild, pictured below (Azulejos e Belle Rives). 
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“The Chamber of Curiosity”

Next week is my birthday (again)! 
Last year my lovely Japanese sister in law and my brother in law bought me this amazing book, “The Chamber of Curiosity” by  R.Klanten, S.Borges, S.Ehmann published by Gestalten. I like to pick it up every so often and look at these beautiful interiors. It is a good coffee table book because it shows different approaches to decoration and different spaces by different interior designers. I love books and I don’t think I will ever switch over to a digital ebook because I love bookcases with real books, they are one of my musts in decorating houses. 
(this post is a subtle hint for whoever wants to buy me a present next week 🙂
+deco %22The chamber of curiosity%22 book
+deco_pag_224_Chamber_of_curiosity pag. 82-83
back %22the Curiosity of Chamber%22
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Restaurant Numéro 7 in Fez

Last week I was really busy at work, running like a headless chicken. On my way home, on Thursday I saw at the entrance of the courtyard where I live a group of neighbours in tears; I was informed that a guy who lives next to us died in a motorbike accident. That day he wasn’t supposed to go by bike but a series of coincidences drove him towards his destiny. He left a young wife and the 8 year-old daughter. 
I was in shock. These sudden news obliged me to stop and ponder about how fragile our lives are and above all about how precarious the situations we work so hard to build can be. I can’t begin to imagine the pain that is suffocating the wife’s and the daughter’s hearts right now. The thought makes my head spinning. 
We can’t control everything, even if we try hard.   
“Everyday, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it” says the Dalai Lama wisely. 
In the photos by Steven Rothfeld, the amazing Restaurant Numéro 7 in Fez, Marocco example of simplicity and elegance.
La settimana scorsa sono stata molto impegnata con il lavoro e mi sono ritrovata a correre come una trottola. Tornando a casa giovedì, ho visto un gruppetto di vicini in piedi all’entrata del cortile in lacrime e sono stata informata della morte di un ragazzo che vive di fianco a noi, in un incidente motociclistico. Ha lasciato la moglie ed una bambina di 8 anni. Quel giorno non doveva neanche andare in motorino, una catena di coincidenze e cambi di programma lo hanno guidato dritto dritto verso un destino che evidentemente era già scritto. Ero scioccata. Questa improvvisa notizia mi ha portato a fermarmi e a riflettere su quanto fragili siano le nostre vite e quanto precarie siano le situazioni che costruiamo così a fatica. Non riesco neanche ad immaginare la pesantezza del dolore che sta suffocando il cuore della moglie e della figlia in questo momento. Il solo pensiero mi fa girare la testa. 
Non possiamo controllare tutto, a prescindere dagli sforzi che facciamo.


 “Ogni giorno, quando ti alzi, pensa che oggi sei fortunato di essere vivo, che la tua vita è preziosa e che non la sprecherai”, dice il Dalai Lama con la sua solita saggezza. 

Nelle foto
di Steven Rothfeld, il bellissimo Restaurant Numéro 7 Fez, in Marocco, un esempio di semplicità ed eleganza.