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The Yinki Ilori colour explosion

Like Camilla Walala, Yinki Ilori has made bright colours his signature style. Yinki has been spreading colours around London (where he lives and works) and on the Instagram for a few years now and he has recently launched a homeware collection inspired by his British-Nigerian upbringing. The collection includes cushions, rugs, mugs, table mats, plates, tablecloths, socks, prints with different geometric patterns and color combinations, all very joyful. I have selected some of my favourites to show you but check the Yinki Ilori online shop to see the full range.

Images courtesy of Yinki Ilori

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Wallpaper trends 2021 and some thoughts

This tiresome, unforeseeable year has finally come to an end, let me add ‘finally’. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for what I have and for what didn’t happen in the last twelve months, I do appreciate my luck but at the same time I am starting to miss people. I am starting to miss being physically close to people, to be able to look at people’s faces and not just the eyes plus mask. A few weeks ago, I can’t remember what the occasion was, I made a list of the things I would like to do in 2021 that I couldn’t do for most of 2020. Most of the things on my list involved people: meeting new people, making new friends, having fun with my friends, chatting, dancing (in places with people), going to concerts, travelling, going to exhibitions, watching people in the street. So even if I believe that this Covid period is less cruel than the Second World War, I can’t wait to get back to a normality where I am free to touch the arm of a person or dance like a maniac in a crowd of strangers with drops of sweat flying around blamelessly in the air.

To start the new promising year with plenty of inspiration, I made a list of the most prominent 2021 wallpaper trends and selected some examples for each trend.

Wallpaper is like a beard for men, it is a trend that is here to stay, it never seems to go out of fashion, it adds interest and diverts attention.


After a few years of tropical wallpapers, we are ready to say that we have had enough of palms and we are ready for something even bolder : colourful, ostentatious, big flower wallpaper. Don’t be shy, go for it and bring all the beauty of flowers into your house!

Anthropologie wallpaper


The year that is about to finish saw a resurgence of natural materials and next year we will see the wallpaper world adapting to this revitalised aesthetic. Further down we will see some textile wallpaper, a big come back connected to this desire for a natural look, but it is now the turn of the designs inspired by stone. Marble was massive last year so it doesn’t come as any surprise that most of the choices here reproduce the attractive veins of this classic prestigious stone. It is definitely a look for the brave!

JAB wallpaper
Mind the Gap wallpaper
Livette’s wallpaper


We have always been inspired by the past, in the last few years more than ever and now it is time to look upon the grandness of period houses.

Silky wallpapers in vibrant colours, wallpapers adorned with Classic motifs and damask patterns will transform our houses into mansions.

Dedar wallpaper


After years of tropical madness, we are now ready for something more classic and timeless and above all, something on a bigger scale. You could say that in a period where many of us are forced to spend more time than usual at home because of the Covid-19 restrictions, we need escapism into nature, hence our desire to transform our walls into views.

Pierre Frey wallpaper
Pierre Frey wallpaper


Last but not least, we are going to see some textile wallpapers. This is going to be the real news and it is, amongst them all, my favourite trend. Textile wallpapers add a level of texture and dimension to the room, making the space more interesting without having to add colors or patterns. Textile wallpaper can be natural or synthetic. Synthetic is more suitable for high traffic rooms or corridors.

Elitis wallpaper
Vescom wallcovering
Rubelli wallcovering

We have come to the end, the end of the post and the end of the year. But that a means we are also at a beginning.

I wish you all a year full of growth, well being and above all joy for life in 2021.

We can’t always be happy but if we nurture the ability to enjoy life, no matter what, our heart will be full of joy.

Love, Elena.

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India Mahdavi for De Gournay

I am very excited to show you the spectacular De Gournay Paris showroom designed by India Mahdavi as a part of the annual event Deco Off 2020. Only India could have pulled off such a glamorous look, that manages to be very belle epoque and very fashionable at the same time. The half Iranian, half anglo-Egyptian designer and architect is a master at creating sexy and unexpected colour associations and in using vibrant and brave shades, dressed with feminine details with interesting rounded shapes.

The showroom is composed of two large rooms. The lounge room with large purple velvet seats features India Mahadavi’s new Abbasi in The Sky wallpaper commissioned by the historic French brand De Gournay. The mural, part of the collection PPP, was inspired by the work of 16th century Iranian miniaturist Reza Abbasi; the scene is hand-painted on duck-egg coloured silk. A soft luxurious lilac carpet visually connects this space with the adjacent room where walls are covered with the bright orange version of the geometric wallpaper Chez Nina. Unmissable in most of India, Mahdavi’s interiors always include the Charlotte armchairs in soft pink velvet (see Sketch, in London for instance).

Photos di Rebecca Reid (courtesy of De Gourney)

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The hotel of the year: The Birch

The Birch is a hotel where you can have fun, socialise, rest and reflect in Hertfordshire, England, just 30 minutes north of London. Not bad for a countryside hotel, no wonder it has been voted the Hotel of the Year 2020 by the London magazine Times. Apart from the many cool indoor and outdoor spaces (and bars) where you can meet people or simply hang out, there are several workshops (glassblowing, pottery, bread making), a yoga room, a cinema, an on-site organic farm and a wellness space. The original features of this 1763 Georgian mansion were preserved and not overwhelmed by the furniture which is a wonderful selection of functional pieces that range from trendy vintage to the more modern. The interior was curated by the architect studio Red Deer, run by founders Chris King and Chris Penn.

(Photos by Adam Firman, courtesy of The Birch)

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Masculine, zen and original

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The Wabi Sabi Apartment by Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno presents so many layers of interpretation that focusing on the fact that the project brings together Japanese aesthetics and Ukrainian traditions seems to be reductive. The penthouse in Kiev, designed for the architect’s family, puts together successfully earthy elements (branches, clay walls), industrial features (concrete ceilings, a grey stern kitchen, a metal bed), natural details (the vertical garden, the bonsai plants), more decorative choices (the green in the kids bedroom, the back and white tiles in one of the bathroom) and numerous interesting pieces of furniture.

Wabi Sabi Apartment is very masculine, very zen and very original at the same time; it is very urban and very Japanese but full of Ukrainian artistic taste’s references.

Images courtesy of Sergey Makhno

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Mayday Mayday

Who’s seen a Mayday light before? It is an iconic design created by Konstantin Grcic in 1999 and produced by Flos from 2000 onwards, easily spottable in interior design magazines. It generally comes in two colours, bright orange and black but for its twentieth anniversary Flos has released 2,020 Limited Edition numbered pieces in special packaging. The limited edition Mayday light has a die-castaluminum handle/hook embossed with the designer’s signature and serial number.

It is a collector’s item for design lovers on sale for a very reasonable price. I might have to get it (don’t tell my hubby please).

Photos by Bastian Achard, courtesy of Flos.

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Child Studio for Cubitts

I ended my last post about the Child Studio 3D project Casa Plenaire saying, “I can’t wait to see their next project!” and here we are!

This time the British creative duo (Che Huang and Alexy Kos) moved to Brighton to design the new Cubitts store. They took their inspiration from Martin Parr’s photography series The Last Resort featuring images of beach life. The British photographer succeeded in capturing the eccentricity of human ordinary existence with unusual chromatic combinations.

Studio Child designed the spectacles store around two colours, a cerulean blue and a very pale yellow for a modernist look. The result is fresh and contemporary.

Have a look as well at the cool Humble Cafe’ in London designed by Studio Child, a triumph of pink and formica!

Photographs courtesy Child Studio.

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Green, pink and gold: Felix Soho

Who wouldn’t want to have a coffee at the Felix Roasting Co.?

After the great success of the Felix Roasting Co. in Midtown in New York and thousands of Instagram shares of its photos, Ken Fulk, designer, creative director and partner of the project and proprietor Matthew Moinian opened last August another hot shop in Soho, London, Felix Soho.

Like the American sibling, the interiors are lush and eye-catching. The dominant colours -a rich blue-green, a soft pink and sparkling gold- bring together different materials and patterns.

(Photographs courtesy Felix Roasting Co.)

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8 items to always buy at Ikea

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I read somewhere once that Ikea’s founder Feodor Ingvar Kamprad, one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever, had a simple but ambitious dream when he founded Ikea at the age of seventeen: he wanted an Ikea piece in every house. He has actually almost fulfilled his dream, Ikea is the most popular furniture and house product brand in the world.

I have selected 8 items that I believe are always worth buying at Ikea, classic designs at the usual affordable prices by the Swedish brand. They all look good in most homes and they are very practical.

Stilren is a pretty slim stoneware vase that looks amazing against a bright wall.

I liked all of the Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford, launched in 2015, and I regret not having bought more of the pieces because some of them are not available anymore. I use the Sinnerlig pendant when I need a big affordable light that creates a soft glowing luminosity.

The Billy bookcase has been for years one of the very few budget bookcases that isn’t very deep. It has a very simple design, it tends to disappear which is want you want from bookshelves that are not high design.

The Ribba frame is used all over the world by artists and designers which says it all.

I generally use Hol table when I need some hidden storage for my clients, I have never really used it as a table. I usually have some hinges fixed so that the lid becomes a door and sometimes I get it painted.

Stilren vase
Gronodal chair
Sinnerlig light
Lustigt tool box
Ribba frame
Billy bookshelves
Lohals rug
Hol storage/table
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Jaime Hayon for EDIT Napoli

Last weekend I went to EDIT Napoli, an innovative, vibrant design fair hosted in the amazing setting of the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore and I loved it. First of all, it is a fair held in a thirteen century convent with high ceilings, a beautiful courtyard, frescos, not your modern sterile fair venue. Moreover, EDIT Napoli exhibits the work of seventy talented designers presenting different categories of objects, furniture, textile and covering materials made using artisanal processes. EDIT Napoli isn’t confined to San Domenico, it spreads across the boisterous city of Naples with other exhibition projects held in four fascinating historical locations. Unfortunately, I didn’t had enough time to visit them all (next time I will stay the entire weekend), I only managed to see Jaime Hayon’s installation at the Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri. The Museo is incredible, a gem worth a visit in itself, it is an elegant wunderkammer of art, artefacts and memorabilia. I took at least 40 photos and you are lucky I have posted only a few!

At the center of Agata Room – the most impressive room in Museo Filangieri – stands a huge white totem with Jaime Hayon creations for Bosa, part of EDIT Cult, section of EDIT Napoli.

I loved the contrast between Jaime Hayon‘s colourful lively porcelain with the rich and deep colours of the walls and art in the Agata Room. I loved the contrast between the shiny smoothness of Hayon’s ceramics and the intricate texture of the frames and the furniture in this light, evocative space.

I was there with my friend, the photographer Elio Rosato and I met Jaime Hayon who seems to be a genuinely nice guy: no doubt that when talent is accompanied by niceness it is an explosive combination and his career has deservedly exploded.

Jaime Hayon photographed by Elio Rosato.

(Photograph by me with IPhone)