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I ♥ Fabio Viale (and you will too)

In Fabio Viale‘s hands marble becomes malleable and weightless but also urban and irreverent.

Fabio Viale makes sculptures as sophisticates as the classic ones but then he covers them with busy tattoos;  he creates paper planes made of marble, real boats, or lorry wheels.

In his hands marble becomes the most versatile material ever, it becomes paper, wood, flesh, plastic, rubber. Fabio Viale used marble as never before.

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Sexy armchairs

Even if in Rome the summer doesn’t seem to want to finish, I can already envision myself wearing a jumper, snuggled up in an armchair reading (and with a glass of red wine nearby).

Maybe I have just enough of the heat but in reality, I love Autumn. I like the slightly nostalgic golden light, typical of October, I like the sensation of the long sleeves on skin after months of exposure, I like sleeping with a light blanket after a long period of sweating, I like making good resolution for the school year ( yes, I still divide my life into school years)

To help you share my mood which is definitely not melancholic, I am going to show you some sexy, fabulous, design armchairs.

Most of these models are very new, some were released last year but they are all going to transform your living room and nobody will be able to resist sitting down on them!

“Geo” by Saba

“Nilson” by Verzelloni

“Vincent” by Swoon.

“Hepburn” by The Conran Shop

“Blendy” by De Padova.

“Archibold” by Frau.

“Fanny” by Fendi Casa.


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Extendable console tables by Mobili Fiver

Good evening!

As usual I am having a very busy September, and October is starting to fill up as well. I have something on every weekend: friends visiting, short breaks away, working Saturdays, birthday parties: it looks like my first free weekend will be in November!

Apart from the usual work load and intense social life, I am helping a friend redecorate her house.

She has recently separated from her partner and she wants to refresh the look of her apartment (it is actually true, heart broken women willing to start again change their hairstyle or the house style).

Often, in big cities above but not only, the issue is space and budget.

My strategy is to invest in some nice lights and art, in some versatile pieces of furniture and opt for a slim sofa and armchairs to maximize the space.

Mobili Fiver has some key transformable consoles and tables at very reasonable prices. I got my friend an extendable console table that doubles as a dining table, perfect for when she has friends or the large family. The consolle we went for is called First (see photo below) and it measures 90x45x76 cm when closed  but it can be extended up to 305 cm and host up to 14 people!

The opening mechanism is uncomplicated and it has 5 easy-to-assembly extensions; according to how many extensions you insert the console can become 149 cm, 201 cm, 253 cm or 305 cm.

The price is very affordable because Mobili Fiver produces in Italy and doesn’t have showrooms or middle men, they just sell online; in this way they can cut costs and have more competitive prices.

The convenience to have an extendable console consists also in the fact that it is easy to carry and it doesn’t take much space.

It can save your life in a holiday house as well, in the terrace or garden; when needed, you can carry it outside easily.

Also the tables from the same brand have linear shapes and the same extendable advantage. Some, like the model “Easy” pictured below, becomes 220 cm long and the extensions can be put under the top of the table when closed; others, like for instance the model “Eldorado” from square (90 x 90 cm) becomes rectangular 180 cm x 90 cm.

It is worth keeping Mobili Fiver in mind, because many of us, despite how big are our houses are, don’t have enough space…or too many guests!

The extendable console First in Oak.

The extendable console “Angelica”.

A detail of the “First” console in Rustic Wood.

The extendable table “Easy”.

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Tokyo Design Studio’s crockery

Hello my lovely readers,

I am back from my holiday in California and I am still pretty jet-lagged.

We have been waking up at 5 or 6 am everyday since we came back but at least we don’t have the unbearable wave of tiredness and sleepiness during the day.

The positive side of being jet-lagged at the end of August in Rome is that the city is still very empty so you can take advantage of the early unwanted rises to go out and admire the dawn from some of the best spots in the city centre.

I have published quite a few photos of my holiday on Instagram and some are still to come, if you want to see my visions and views, follow me, I promise it is not going to be boring!

I am preparing a post for the beginning of September (a bit like the September magazine issues) which is going to be fun but in the meanwhile I want to show you this beautiful Japanese style crockery by Tokyo Design Studio.

They are the perfect wedding gift! I love the black ones from the collection Onyx Noir: in those dishes almost anything you cook will look like something off Master Chef!

For more ideas, see also Oka’s plates in Indian style, the stunning Casa Perrin’s table set tables, the ceramics inspired by sailors tattoos by Mutti, 

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Valentine Loellman’s fantastic designs

Valentine Loellman is a very cute 35 year old designer from the south of Germany and, apart from the fact that he is cute, he caught my attention for 3 reasons:

  • For his singular poetic furniture
  • For his house that is a gorgeous version of a house from The Lord of the Rings
  • And because in his ‘About’ page he has got the links to his 6 siblings’ websites who have all developed some artistic talent (my favourite being Miriam Loellman)

His furniture stands resolutely on wobbly legs, like giraffes or fawns.

They seem to be part of an elegant fairy tale and they carry the fascination of the forest because they are made of charred black and polished oak or walnut.


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Train your eyes

The best part of having an established blog is that designers from all over the world get in contact with you to say hello and present their designs (I have already spoken about this in a previous post about the designer Valerio Vidali) .

Last week, a lovely young Chinese designer, Yingjie Chen, wrote me an email and I discovered her furniture collection.

Despite her young age, her CV is impressive.

Her pieces are beautiful and they are foldable and can be disassembled which makes them shipping easy (as well as a reduced environmental impact).

I asked Yingjie Chen a few questions about her approach to design and inspiration:

Have you always been interested in designing objects?

I was interested in designing objects when I started my bachelor’s degree in industrial design. I enjoy problem-solving, the potential problem in the existing products and also exploring the possibility of the user’s interaction with products.

Who are the designers that inspire you?

I have been inspired by a lot of designers and architects. The person I was inspired by the most was the French Designer, Philippe Stark. His designs range from a small tooth brush to a boat and they have very strong characters. I was also inspired by I.M Pei, Renzo Piano, Frank Lloyd Wright and so on.

What everyday object do you wish you had designed?

“I wish I could have designed some cookware products, such as the blender, cooking pot and utensils. I enjoy cooking and sometimes, I realize a well-designed cooking product that could give users a more comfortable interaction and feeling.”

What is your advice for young designers?

“Train your eyes! Explore everything around you, from nature to buildings, to animals and to products. I think as a designer, you need to have a good eye to find out the beautiful things in the life and be inspired by them. What is good about being a designer is that we have the power to create functional and aesthetic products, which will improve people’s daily lives.”

You now live in Usa, what do you miss about China?

“I have studied in the USA for four years and what I miss the most is definitely my family, they have always supported my studies and career. I also miss Chinese food!”

I am sure the sweet and talented Yingjie is going to have a brilliant carrier and I hope that when in Rome she will give me a call for a coffee and so we can talk about design and Chinese food!



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Pink bathrooms with terrazzo elements

There are a few things I have always liked not matter what the fashion was. I have always liked – just to give you a few examples- signet rings, mediterranean ceramics, body oils, flared jeans,  pink walls and terrazzo floors.

My grandparents had the best terrazzo floor I have ever seen. It consisted in river pebbles instead chips of marble or granite or quartz combined with a binder.

The binder was black in the living areas, light blue in the kitchen, white/beige in the bedrooms with different pebbles in different colors, as you can see in the photo at the bottom.

Because I have always liked pink walls and terrazzo and because pink walls and terrazzo are very trendy know, I decided to show you some bathrooms that combines both.

As you can see in all the examples below, the association of the two elements is already impactful therefore the rest of the decor is kept quite modern and geometric.

I love the bathroom photographed by Yaroslav Priadka in the images below. The black details ( the faucets, the pipe, the frame of the mirror and the soaps) are paradoxically the focus point of the room.

Green and light blue are colors that well complement the pink and the terrazzo, as we can see in other examples below.
I like the idea of extending the terrazzo up to 120/130 centimetres.

If you can’t or don’t want to change the floor or the back splash, you can anyway insert in the scheme a terrazzo element like the stools in the third picture from the top or the bath.

Photo by Yaroslav Priadka

Photo by Yaroslav Priadka

Stump stool from Fenton & Fenton

Project by Bergman & Co

Bathroom designed by Iya Turabelidze of Concertina

Bathroom designed by Iya Turabelidze of Concretica

Interior by Studio Esteta

Interior by MOPS

My grandparents’ floor






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Add some fun with a cactus

Cactus has always been perceived as a fun plant. It must be their shape (and I am not going into that) or the fact that they so resilient and primitive looking or just because of their peculiar name.

As a matter of fact,  I have noticed that only fun people decide to decorate with cactus shaped objects or textiles represented cacti.

So if you also want to join the clan and you are looking for some inspiration, here is a selection of ideas to make your life a bit more…pricky!

If you like the tropical trend in general, check out my post with some advice or discover some amazing wallpapers here.

A 170 cm high cactus by Gufram.

White porceilan set of cactai from I Love Retro.

Cactus juicer from Red Candy

Cuilko textile by Pierre Frey

Serving dish by Hallmark.

Cactai candles from Not On The High Street


A colourful pencil holder from Red Candy

Cactus framed art by Houzz.










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The best fabric shop in Rome!

This is the place where I get textiles from, photographed by the talented Elio Rosato.

The atelier, Le Proposte d’Interni, occupies two large rooms of a stunning Roman building built in 1542.

Sandro and Giovanni, cousins with a long family tradition in dealing with textiles for interiors, scraped away the layers of paint applied over the last 50 years to find the original faded light green color.

In one room, you can still see the old bookcases where documents were kept, now used to store some of the wonderful fabrics.

Interior fabrics have always been my passion and I like to come here, I could actually spend hours here (sometimes I do, to be honest !)



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Canopy beds

The truth is that I have always wanted a contemporary canopy bed but I would only put it in a period flat, in a country house or in a small room with a high ceiling.

A lot of people like canopy beds but some are hesitant to buy one because they worry it could look too much or because they associate it with a overly romantic look (men I’m looking at you).

The point is that now there are so many cool, linear, no frills contemporary options out there that we don’t have any excuses anymore.

Ikea used to have a very simple, yet good looking double canopy bed but they don’t sell it anymore, they just advertise a solution to create canopy bed curtains with some of their products. It’s a shame because the one they had was easy to paint and well priced.

There are other high street brands that sell pretty canopy beds ; Maison du Monde for instance sells 7 models, one being the bamboo one below.

Let’s have a look at some other options from other less known still cool brands.

I really like the Frame Canopy Bed by CB2 in matt iron with plated brass corners pictured below. The queen size costs 642 euros and the king size costs 734 euros.

Thewhite one underneath is Bed Led by Filo Design; it has got a cool shelf that can act a a bedside table and led lights on the pools.

The wooden pretty one in the pink room is from Urban Outfitters and it comes at a very reasonable price. The idea of having garlands of lights hanging from the structure is definitely to steal.

The unusual shape of the whiteXAM Design Studio’s bed makes it original; it comes in different colors but it is only sold to contractors, unfortunately.

The black and teak wood canopy bed (picture before last) is for those who like a more classic, masculine look. This is the Industrial Canopy Bed by Asian Arts but to tell you the truth you will find some very similar in other online shops.

Last but not least, it is a revisitation to an old canopy bed by RH Baby&Child , with a comfortable back and freed from too many baroque details. Check the entire collection on RH Baby&Child, they have some cool beds, above all for little girls.

It seems obvious, after having seen all these beautiful canopy beds, that we don’t have many excuses, it is time to get one!