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An original apartment by Marcante Testa

I am going to show you today a truly original apartment in Venice designed by the studio Marcante Testa. This is the first apartment completed in the renovation of a nineteenth century building in a small canal near San Marco.

As you know I periodically ponder on the concept of originality (see my post about the Salone del Mobile 2015 and Salone del Mobile 2017) because I believe it is really difficult to do something new these days. Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa managed to mix Memphis studio inspired objects (to know more about Memphis Studio and see the inspired Kartell collection, read here) ,  vintage glamorous brass elements, unusual combination of colors and iron frames and furniture in bright colors.

I would have never said that all these things could look good together but they somehow do and the result is interesting and very balanced.

I love the idea of ‘framing’ the doors and windows and to encapsulate the kitchen with iron structures.

I love the fact that on the page dedicated to the project on the  Marcante and Testa website you can find out, room by room, where all the furniture is from.

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Jayde Fish and Gucci, a dream come true

Once upon a time there was a girl called Jayde Fish who dreamt of working with the baroque, sophisticated, hyper-creative Alessandro Michele.

She had been admiring his work since he took the lead of the Italian luxury brand Gucci in 2015 and she felt that her artistic vision was intwined with Alessandro’s.

One day Jayde Fish decided to publish some of her marvellous drawings on Instagram with the hashtag #alessandromichele to state her source of inspiration.

After a while she received a message from Gucci. Alessandro Michele himself had seen a photo of her work, searched for more and wanted to use some of her art-work for Gucci’s new collection. “Do what you want with my work” she said because she totally trusted that in Michele’s hands that only something magical could emerge.

In September 2016 Gucci launched a collection populated with Jayde’s monkeys, tarots and parts of Jayde’s drawings.

“I have a fascination for the mystical, astronomy, astrology and religious culture” explained the Californian artist. “I feel that tarots are a beautiful way to think about what you are and what you want to be, every character has a deep connection with nature, the universe and the spiritual world and I feel that there is something romantic about it.”

I won’t add anything else, her drawings done in ink speak for themselves.


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An informal apartment in Rome

Tucked down a little street, near Campo de’ Fiori one of the most vibrant squares in Rome, is this apartment, a few steps from a pretty market, shops and chill-out bars, in an area in the centre of Rome where you can still find artisans and Romans sitting in bars sipping spritz. When designing this house, the architects and owners Edoardo Rosati and Olimpia Stacchi  of Architects at Work Studio wanted to achieve an informal look and there is no doubt they succeeded.

The living space is open and light but visually divided into areas of use by the concrete structure, by the beams and pillars that also serve as a support for the kitchen counter panels and dining table.  There are numerous solutions and details utilised by the two architects that make this house timeless and trendy at the same time: the 2 different sizes of wooden floor boards, the custom designed skirting boards, kitchen and the glass and steel suspended table, the wardrobe, just to quote a few. A well measured mix of vintage and non vintage furniture make the house personal without overdoing it.

The neutral colors of the walls give continuity to the space and rooms and they enhance elements like the Scandinavian style bed, the collection of snapshots, the nurse glass showcase in the living room where they keep all their memorabilia of their trips.

The fascinating view completes this apartment, a nest of the creativity and life together of this young couple.

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Kids are not perfect thankfully

I was thinking yesterday that kids grow up in such a competitive world nowadays, it is scary. To be honest they probably don’t understand it just yet, if it wasn’t for us parents, who put so much pressure on them to be perfect without realising the consequences of it. We have all the best intentions, we want our kids to be happy and successful so we try to bring them up as complete as possible according to the modern standard of this competitive society. Since an early age, they have to learn to socialise, to swim, to play an instrument, sometimes to learn a language, to be cool, to be confident and competitive, independent and intelligent, sweet but strong, creative and studious. Even if we would never admit it, we want them to be perfect and perfectly ‘sellable’ in this big market that is today’s society.

Last Saturday I went with Giulio to his friend’s party and Giulio, as he sometimes does, spent the first 20 minutes playing by himself. I had at least 3 adults asking me what was wrong with him. I like to think of myself as a logical person but I started to ponder if Giulio might have a problem.

But is it not normal, when you go to a party where you don’t know anyone, to keep to yourself for a little while? Giulio wasn’t sad, or upset, or anyhow troubled or intimidated, he was just playing by himself. He wasn’t doing what we think a successful kid should do, as simple as that.

It wasn’t him with a problem, it was me and the other adults who had asked what was wrong with him.

We love them because they are spontaneous and at the same time we do everything we can to fit them into a structure.

Kids are not perfect and if we want to raise them happy, confident and able to deal with life’s sudden twist and turns, emotions, pain and competition, we need to learn to let them live at their own pace, without trying to increase their level of perfection all the time.

Maiko Nagao seems to have figured out what makes her happy, scribbling away and creating beautiful prints that she now sells through her online shop that delivers worldwide.

To get you into the right mood to discover Maiko Nagao‘s beautiful handwritten world, I have published some of the free printables she has kindly shared on her blog; also check out her shop for the pretty baby gift boxes, funky wall art or cards or for personal customized work contact her directly.

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao


Free print by Maiko Nagao


Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Available at Maiko Nagao

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Cinder blocks DIY ideas

I have seen a cute coffee table made with cinder blocks in a bar a few days ago which has inspired me to collect some ideas about cinder blocks DIY furniture for you.

Cinder blocks come in standard sizes and they are often use in buildings because of their low cost. A block costs around 2 euros (these days 2 euros is roughly 2 pounds and 2 dollars, just to give you an idea).  The holes make the blocks lighter without compromising the mechanical strength. If you like the industrial look, cinder blocks can be used as legs for beds or tables and in many other creative ways, some of which are shown below. I like the idea of using them as planters.

Cinder blocks are already quite a statement so if you decide to use them, remember to keep the decoration of the surrounding simple and according to the style. For instance, concrete goes really well with aged wood.

For more inspiration about how to use concrete in your house, check all the posts related to the subject in my blog.

Image credit : Maiko Nagao

Image credit : Design Tripper

Image credit : Dwell

Image credit: FANCY!

Image credit : Little Miss Momma

Image credit : Wise DIY

Image credit : Home Edit

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Original inspiration from the Milan furniture fair

I am back from Milan where I spent a few days trying to spot some original ideas at the 56th Salone del Mobile.

I don’t want to show you images of trends that you already know about, like golden and copper hardware or the plant mania, I would like to propose to you some ideas you probably haven’t considered yet.

I walked around searching for something new or at least unseen on blogs and magazines, not an easy task; below is an inspiring selection of ideas.


Photographic panels lit from behind represent a sort of window on to a panorama or fantastic view.

They give depth to the room and they create an open horizon, giving the wall a new life.

In order to achieve a similar result you need a very high definition image (I advise you to pick a panorama, definitely nothing personal like a family photo), and a professional company specialised in making these sort of things. The led lighting behind is the fruit of expertise not something you can try to do yourself.

This look is also perfect for hotels and offices.


Plants are the must have accessory this year. They are everywhere, real or drawn on textiles or wallpaper.

I saw some plastic decorations shaped like cacti and I love them. The pop version of plants. Ok, not really ecological but definitely forever, even inside and in dark corners!



Why not incorporate speakers into our pieces of furniture?

The two cabinets by Miniforms wink at the past with a big speaker that reminds me of a gramophone but in very contemporary colors and finishings.

Below is a photo of myself posing (it is quite obvious I suppose) on a red armchair with incorporated speakers for a intimate, relaxing, dolby surround experience.


We have already said that natural materials are back and brown leather is one of them, very present in fashion and in interiors these days.

For a different look take inspiration from the insertions of brown leather like in the photos below.

A cushion, the edge of a throw or the padding of a chair will give your furniture a luxury look without going for an all-out “Out of Africa” look.


More than once whilst walking around the Salone del Mobile, I thought of Stanley Kubrick. The Seventies are back with their colors, their atmosphere and their shapes.

Armchairs and sofas have lost their sharpness and corners have became curves. Rounded armchairs and sofas are particularly good when not close to walls or when in the middle of a room instead of traditional blocks of furniture.



Using one color or a maximum of two for everything in the room is the new chic. If the color is bright or unusual like in the photo below even better.

It is not easy to find lights that are the same color as the rest of the furniture but if you can you can be sure it will have a wow factor. Some shining details like golden handles will avoid the room looking like a massive bucket of paint fell on it.


Thinking outside of the box is a good way to create something original.

It looks like the designers cut the cabinets into pieces and then reassembled them after too many glasses of wine but the result is refreshing. They have managed to create pieces of furniture that give character to a room, are quirky and beautifully made.

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+deco business cards ready for Milan!

It is that time of year again, the Salone del Mobile has opened and from tomorrow I will be in Milan, ready to spot the news in the world of design and furniture!

The mission this year will be finding what is really original at the Salone del Mobile, not an easy task in this year sharing era!

I will post some images in the next few days. Do not miss the future posts!

Below there are some photos of +deco business cards, painted by me with splashes of colors (black, pink, forest green and red).

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Easy chic

Hello everyone, things are good these days, no news to report which I suppose is good news.

Work is progressing slowly but progressing and I have finally managed to achieve a good quality of life. I even started practicing yoga again which I love. Because of my timetable, I can’t go to my usual Ashtanga Yoga school but I found a place near my house where I can practice Hatha Yoga at 7.30 in the morning and I really enjoy it unexpectedly! Sometimes you need to adjust your wishes to your needs and learn to adapt to the circumstances.

The house I want to show you today reflects my state of mind: calm and happy.

This apartment was published on the Entrance website, a estate buying/selling mediator (via Planete Deco) and the photos are by Anders Bergstedt.

As you can see the shell is pretty simple: white walls, white windows frames, no architectural frills. It re-proposes a recipe that always works: a white shell, some black elements, eye catching trendy details, light grey soft furnishings and few wooden vintage pieces. The atmosphere is very serene and the place is fled with light. Updating a space like this is very easy and unexpensive, you just need to change the artwork, some details and the cushions.

Sometimes the simple things are the ones that work best for our daily life.

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White in the City (but everywhere really)

In less than a month I am going to the Salone del Mobile, this time accredited as a blogger and not as a professional so expect many photos.

I look forward to finding out what it is truly original in the furniture world (but we will speak about this later on, closer to the date) and to visiting some of the events organized in Milan, in what is called the FuoriSalone. I am very curious to see, for instance, the White In The City installations.  In some of the best locations in Milan, some super famous architects and designers were invited to give their interpretation of the color white. The event is sponsored by Oikos, a paint producer and directed by Giulio Cappellini.

I asked myself, what is my interpretation of white?

White for me represents a start.

Starting is one of the most important phases in everything. White is the beginning.

In spaces and art work where there is no white you can be sure that at some point there was some white (white paint used to mix color, white furniture repainted, the walls before being painted etc). White is the background and the only color that goes with anything.

In art white can be predominant (see some artwork by Burri) or the background (see for instance some artwork by Keith Haring)

Starting something new or different has a enormous importance in our lives and it is the first step of another very important stage which is changing; this is why, I associate the color white with the concept of hope.

In interiors white is the color, in the sense that it is the only color, that it never goes out of fashion.

Not many people are going to paint all the walls of their house green and leave it like that for more than 2 years. It was sometimes said that white is the safe option but i would actually define it as the classic option, classic meaning that it always works.

Below some images prove the fact that white is everywhere, always.

One of the room in the Hotel Room Mate Giulia designed by Patricia Urquiola (who partecipates in White in the City).

Loley carpet by Studio Libeskind (partecipating in White in the City).

One of the room in the Hotel Room Mate Giulia designed by Patricia Urquiola (who partecipates in White in the City).

The photographer Paulina Arklin made white a life style choice.

An example of how, even in a very eclectic and colorful space, white is present (source

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Amazing table settings by Casa de Perrin

This tableware and table settings are to die for!

All the dinnerware, glassware, cutlery and accessories are by Casa De Perrin, a company based in Los Angeles. The company was started by a young couple after having collected antique silver flatware for 13 months to adorn the tables at their wedding. Various vendors asked them if they could buy the collection giving them the idea to create their own line of tableware to sell or rent.

The photos that present their pieces are very pretty and I believe they could be inspiration for all of us in setting our tables (also for weddings), above all if we have some vintage pieces to show off.