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Houses full of memories

I was recently invited to a light cosy house and I took a few photos to show you. Since the Egyptian and Greek times, for centuries, the main worry for men who could afford to think about those sorts of things was to leave behind a legacyPowerful men have been building grand monuments for thousands of years so we don’t forget about them; the pyramids, forums, grand tombs. Our times are much more ephemeral and now we are used to changing houses, furniture, partners and jobs when our grandfathers spent their lives in the same places, with the same women, doing the some jobs. Being lucky enough to inherit some nice quality pieces is, in my opinion, invaluable.

This house was full of furniture, paintings, and items that carry so many memories and feelings and make it unique and charming.
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Ok, I know, they don’t all look  like eggs but  they are all related to them somehow; some are Easter eggs, some are just called eggs, some are made of egg boxes.
From the top:
Egg of Columbus lights by Valentina Carretta of Fabrica for Seletti, made of recycled coarse paper, the kind used in egg boxes.
Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, a classic from 1958, the fabric version, an investment.
Pulp Furniture made by Dan Hochberg and Odelia Lavie, it looks fragile but it is not.
Tea eggs by Normann Copenhagen made of plastic: they are very easy to clean and funky, we had just been giving two as a present by our beloved friends Steve and Kelly (she is a very talented painter, check out her amazing art)
Easter Eggs by Le Marquis de Ladurèe, basically posh imperial Easter eggs. 
My blog is read in different countries so I pick stuff from all over the world but I advise you to buy national or even better local food if you can. For instance the Easter Eggs. As a second choice I advise you to buy some Italian stuff because we make plenty of quality things and our economy could do with a hand at the moment!
Ok, lo so, non sembrano tutte uova ma in qualche modo sono tutte cose collegate al concetto. alcune sono uova di Pasqua, alcune sono chiamate uova, alcune sono fatte con i cartoni delle uova. 
-Le luci Uovo di Colombo di Valentina Carretta di Fabrica per  Seletti, fatta di carta grezza reciclata, del tipo di quella usata per le scatole delle uova. 
Egg chair (Sedia Uovo) di Arne Jacobsen, un classico del 1958, nella versione tessuto, un investimento.
Pulp Furniture fatto da Dan Hochberg e Odelia Lavie, sembra fragile ma non lo è. 
Tea eggs di Normann Copenhagen, fatta di plastica: sono facili da pulire e divertenti, i nostri amati amici Steve and Kelly (guarda le sue opere, è un’artista di talento)  ce ne hanno da poco regalati due.
Uova di Pasqua di Le Marquis de Ladurèe, praticamente delle uova imperiali un pò snob. 
Il mio blog è letto in veari paesi, quindi scelgo oggetti da tutto il mondo ma il mio consiglio è di comprare alimenti nazionali o, ancor meglio, locali se possibile. Ad esempio le uova di Pasqua. Oppure- voi lettori che non abitate in Italia ma leggete in italiano- comprate prodotti italiano, facciamo moltissime cose di qualità e la nostra economia ha proprio bisogno di una mano al momento!
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Malleus’s posters

Last week Alex brought back a wicked poster by Malleus Rock Art Lab from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion concert (at the Circolo degli Artisti here in Rome). It is one of 200 numbered prints and it is already framed and up on the wall. 
I have always had a passion for Art Noveau and Schiele so it is no surprise I like this poster that combines both. This Italian based power artist trio have worked with many big musicians – The Cure, The Prodigy, Muse and Iggy Pop & The Stooges, just to mention some- and have featured in many magazines. The Circolo degli Artisti (it translates “the artists club/circle”) has been one of the main focal points in the Roman music scene in the last ten years. Check the other two posters that Alex brought back for me that night (I had to stay in with little Giulio but at least he came back with some presents).
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Volant by Patricia Urquiola

I know, we haven’t got a government, we haven’t got a pope, we are about to lose our President of the Republic and our hope is running on low at the moment. I should feel blue but I feel pink (and who wouldn’t) thinking about the Volant armchair by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso (again, I know, I assure you I’m not obsessed with them but it is just that they are such a prolific and talented couple!). I love the combination of pink and orange and the relaxed, hippy look to it. I want it! And you?
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Happy 2013

Here we are. Another year is about to finish and I’m about to write another list of proposals soon to be forgotten. It has been a very positive year for me and I hope for you too. My first son, Giulio, turned 1 in September and it has been a joy and great fun watching him discovering the world. I have finally resigned from my hectic, hysterical job working with a famous Interior Designer and I have finally had the chance to do what I like including writing this blog. I feel good with myself and relaxed with almost everyone everywhere. Last but not least, I have learned to believe in myself. And this is what I wish you all, to have a inspiring 2013 where you believe in yourself
Also I hope you will keep following me on this journey.
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A few good ideas for Christmas presents




I have to admit it, I’m not a big fan of the lead up to Christmas. I enjoy it when it arrives but I get quite nervous thinking about all the organisation. Perhaps it is because I come from a warm country and it feels less Christmasy, the pressure to buy the right presents and the pressure of pretending that I like the useless presents I receive, call me Scrooge but I can’t be bothered sometimes. However, in trying to embrace my inner Christmas I would like to list some affordable ideas for presents. TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE VIA EMAIL O IN UN COMMENTO (related to design and decoration) and I WILL PUBLISH IT IN MY NEXT POST. You never know, the right people might read it 😉

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Creative ways of serving food

After many years working for a big and troubled Italian company, a friend of mine decided to move to Amsterdam with his wife searching for a better quality of life. He’s, among other things, collaborating with Archichef, a creative studio that focuses on a fusion of architecture and food design. They believe that the food experience should involve all of the senses and they have come up with some really good and sustainable concepts of presenting delicious food. I like the idea of sewing the edges of paper together to make little bags, it creates a heightened sense of expectation of discovering what’s inside. I like the idea of drawing on paper cloth making it unique and using an egg carton as a tray. Well done guys, keep up the good work.