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Bike Hanger

The Bike Hanger is a project based in the city of Seoul, Korea and is the brainchild of Manifesto Architecture, an award winning design firm based in New York. 
Apparently London and New York have already booked some.
The Bike Hanger can store up to 15 bikes and can be installed on the side of a building using the vertical space and freeing up the pavements.
Its canopy is made of recycled plastic bottles and the frame is made of recycled stainless steel and  carbon frame. It is completely man-powered  (pedal power),  therefore using 100% clean energy. 
I believe it will also discourage thieves who wouldn’t dare ‘pedal’ a bicycle down to steal a wheel or a saddle (although in Italy I’m sure they would consider it). 
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Fashionably into interior

Fashion designers are known to dabble in interiors. Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Fursterberg, Missoni have had for a long time their own home collections which I find a bit boring and far too slick with the exception of the gorgeous Ralph Lauren and Missoni textile collections. Diesel have launched a new kitchen collection (above) in collaboration with Scavolini, a classic italian brand with a long, rich history in the field and are well known for their affordable quality. Enzo Rosso, founder of Diesel, does this industrial look very well so the results are a success.
In the last few years The Rug Company has enlisted many fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Marni, Lulu Guiness, Matthew Williamson, Alice Temperley. Considering that the process of designing a rug or a cushion involves designing a textile and is not so distant from what fashion designers do daily, the results are often very interesting. Designing furniture is a completely different skill compared to designing clothes, some fashion designers should keep it in mind (for instance   Italian Independent for Smeg and Antonio Marras for Rossana Orlandi). 
Check out these cushions and rugs from The Rug Company (as always Vivienne rules).
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The whiff of elegance

There are a few bottles of perfumes that can’t be thrown away when finished, that are so beautiful that what’s inside them is not so important anymore, that demand to be put on display. I don’t generally wear perfume because deep down I’m bit of a hippy at heart but I love vintage looking bottles like the ones I’ve picked here. Bottles are what make me want to smell perfume. If all perfumes were kept in old crystal bottles, I’d be a perfume-maniac. 
The other thing that catches our attention and makes us try a scent, are the advertisements. Nowadays the perfume world is ruled by the most famous models or actress, wearing beautiful clothes in fabulous locations.
I’ve attached my two favourite images about the perfume ads listed: Eau de Sauvage by Christian Dior used the gorgeous Alain Delon (below), a man so beautiful and elegant that he makes George Clooney look like he should be cleaning the toilets at McDonald’s; the Pink Candy ad by Prada has an amazing set, a coral baroque room with an elegant grand piano (below). 
What are your favourite bottle? I’d love to know what you think, leave a comment. 
 God, I fancy Alain Delon in this photo!
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Quirky children wallpaper

Recently it has been raining kids, most of my friends (myself included) are procreating. Apart from preparing mentally for the bog event, they have all had to re-organize a room in the house for the baby. I’m not really into cute sweet childish bedrooms and I think it’s much wiser to go for a decor that will be more long-term considering how fats kids grow.

Below you will find three quirky funky wallpapers for the kids bedroom that won’t look too ‘new born baby’ in a few years time.

They all go with simple Ikea white furniture: cot, a chest of drawers where you can change the baby (again something that you can use for years) and a vintage armchair to feed. This is all you really need.

Check the funky wallpaper by Lapin as well here or if you want another clever solution for the kids bedroom, consider half painted walls.