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They all speak about her: Tori Murphy

I went yesterday to pick some fabrics for a client and, I have to say, it is the part of the job I like best. I could spend hours just looking at the different samples. In my opinion the best 2015 collection is made by Pierre Frey but the designer to watch is surely Tori Murphy
They all speak about her and understandably. Tori Murphy has designed one of the most interesting, quality  collections recently in England. Her textiles are made by weavers in Lancashire, finishers in Yorkshire and machinists in Nottingham; they are trendy but at the same time they possess a classical simplicity that make them a must buy. Tori Murphy worked for years in Milan for names like Fendi and Christian Dior then went back to Nottingham in England and established a namesake brand. Looking at her work I have the impression that from her experience in Italy she gained an historical love for well made fabrics and then infused them with some fresh British style. 

*I made the collage of fabrics at the top but it actually looks very good, not a bad idea Tory 😉

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Jenny Rome’s fashion illustrations

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well. I am much better, my energy level is back after a period where I was feeling tired and run down (as I wrote in this post) because of an abnormal high level of iron in my blood. Many people know about the consequences of a low level of iron in your blood but the opposite is actually as dangerous and invalidating; often it doesn’t depend on the diet (in my case for instance I don’t eat much meat) but on genetics. I am back to normal now, I have started practicing Ashtanga yoga again and I feel full of energy and optimism. I like being busy I have to admit, it means that things are happening or that you are working to make things happening at least. I like movement.
Today I thought of giving you another reason to keep following my blog, introducing you to this talented American artist called Jenny Rome (cool name by the way) and her fabulous fashion illustrations. The good news for all us, lovers of interiors, is that she sells prints of them in Etsy and Society6 at affordable prices! I tell you what, I am going to buy one right one. 
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They all speak about: Jeremy Scott

 The person who managed to transform part of the America’s junk culture into elegant fashion deserves my attention even if this means not speaking about interiors for once. Jeremy Scott‘s first collection for the historic, innovative, fun Italian brand Moschino creates lady-like silhouettes combining McDonald’s colours and symbol, Sponge Bob Squarepants’ faces, popcorn packaging and much more; the result is explosive and confirms that Jeremy Scott is not just the worthy heir of this fantastic subversive brand but also a very talented avant-garde designer. 
“McDonald’s is a part of our everyday lives,” says Scott to a journalist from The Guardian a few months after launching the inaugural autumn/winter 2014 collection (full article here) “When I design I always pull from things that are significant to me. In my work I search for happiness and then try to convey that joy in the clothes.”
Thankfully something refreshing and light for once.

P.S: I wish I could wear one of the dresses in the photo far below for my next birthday. What do you think, is he going to lend one to me? 

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The world is pink: The Gallery by India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi has struck again. She signed the new interior of The Gallery, the London brasserie inside Sketch, the avant-garde restaurant, bar, art gallery owned by Mourad Momo Mazouz (see my post about The Glade, another bar inside Sketch). She must have watched Mad Man: the inspiration clearly comes from the late Forties and Fifties but everything here is in a soft pink shade, ceiling included. The Gallery must have been a difficult space to decorate; it’s one big room with high ceiling where furniture and details can easily appear too small or insignificant lost. India Mahdavi manage to do a great job and she managed to propose a strong balanced and uniformed vision. The predominant pink color guides the eye around the space, fluidly and enhance without letting it prevail the magnificent made by 90 different types of marbles (designed by Martin Creed for the previous decoration). 239 black and white illustrations by David Shrigley give the brasserie a contemporary if not urban feeling. The sofa benches in a smooth velvet are practical and make the place cosy, the lights on the tables create an intimate atmosphere (I have always wondered actually why nobody has never used them again). Not to mention the fabulous combination of pink and the copper in the bar and of some details. Superb. India, you never dissapoint me.

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A book to buy : “Etc.” by Sibella Court

This book, “Etc.” by Sibella Court, found me while I was looking for another title in a bookshop. I picked it up and unsure what to do with it, bought it. As soon as I arrived home I entered into the magic word of Sibella Court, a world made of beautiful indigo blues, old dusty objects, the beauty of disorder. The layout of the book is amazing, it looks like a handmade collection of words and images. 
My friends and Alex always tell me that I am unable to relax. I am always up to something. What they don’t understand, is that I relax while visiting a new place, writing or learning something new. Television series are not my cup of tea basically. What though I am aware of, is that sometimes we are so busy (or some people so lazy) that we end up living uninspired lives. In this sense Sibella Court‘s book makes you reflect on the magic power of memory and objects and personal places and inspires you to look at things through different eyes. 
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I ♥♥♥ Stella Jean

I have always stated that in life inspiration comes from different angles, it comes from the street, from art, from people you meet, from fashion and nature. Recently I came across Stella Jean, a fashion designer with an Haitian mother and an Italian father who mixes stunning African textiles with masculine stripes and fabrics. I love love love what she does. It is exactly what I desire now in my interiors and in my wardrobe, Stella Jean seems to have literally read my mind!
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They all speak about: Jessica Light

When you look at the photos of Jessica Light working on her 19th century loom – a lucky find in a car boot sale – you can’t avoid envying her. She looks so elegant and driven in her studio surrounded by dozens of net, paper, light-reflective yarns and leather trims, colourful fringes, intricate tassel tops. Jessica Light started her own company five years ago after having worked for the corsetier Mr Pearl and mastered antique techniques of passementerie. She has collaborated with some of the most talented fashion designers like Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler and John Galliano, she weaved the balcony fringe for Buckingam Palace and recreated period trims for the English Heritage. Behind Jessica Light‘s work, there is a curious eye capable of drawing inspiration from all manner of things, from art to architecture, from movies to books. The Horniman Museum’s African galleries, for instance, influenced one of her latest collections and the tribal inspiration is evident in some of the passementerie pictured above. She has used ancient techniques in a contemporary way, creating details that are so beautiful they can transform a cushion, a costume, a lampshade, a dress, a curtain into something really sophisticated.
(top photos from her website; the mannequin photo and the bottom photo by Alun Callender from Homes & Gardens) 
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Tom Dixon’s elegance

What should we expect from a guy with such a catchy name, born in Tunisia to a French mother and a British father, a former leader of a punk band, who started designing furniture because he was passionate about welding? Nothing less than a prolific and brilliant career to date. Tom Dixon is one of these people I would like the have as a guest for dinner, I don’t know if it is simply because he seems to be a nice bloke or because I hope to see some flaws in amongst an abundance of qualities.
Among the dozens of beautiful things he has designed, I have chosen some objects that describe one of the most interesting trends of the moment, black and white with touches of gold, the colors of  new elegance. 
Gold is back in interior design and in fashion (you should see the golden nail polish I have painted on my toes!).
From top left clockwise:  Screw Table large and small, Cast Shoe Black and Cast Shoe Copper from The Eclectic collection, Wingback ChairBlack Legs, the Lustre Lights, the Beat Vessels and the Black Beat Lights all by Tom Dixon (pictured below).
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They all speak about: Yayoi Kusama

They all speak about Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist and writer who started painting polka dots and nets as motif in her painting and videos when she was ten. Recently she has covered Louis Vuitton’s next collection with polka dots. In the picture you can see one of her beautiful flowers called Eternal Blooming Flowers In Mind