Centrale Montemartini: a power station with roman sculptures

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One of the places I am most affectionate with in Rome is a place that not many people know about or have visited, it is the Centrale Montemartini which is in the cool Ostiense area and very close to the pretty Garbatella where I live.

The Centrale Montemartini is a former public power station built in 1912 and is now a museum hosting numerous classic artwork.

In 1995 some sectors of the Musei Capitolini were renovated and many Roman pieces were moved to the power station for a temporary exhibition. The contrast between the dark, gloomy, powerful industrial machines and the sinuous white marble figures was so striking that the City of Rome decided to keep them there and make the space a permanent museum.
I have been to the gallery a number of times but I am yet to enjoy one of the jazz concerts or dinner parties are sometimes organised inside this structure.

Off the most obvious touristic tracks, you can combine a visit to the Centrale Montermartini with a visit to Basilica San Paolo (one of the most popular churches in Rome according to Trip Advisor), and take a stroll around Via del Porto Fluviale and marvel at the cool graffiti and have lunch or dinner in Testaccio. S.Paolo and Piramide subway stations are almost equally distant from the museum.

The beautiful photos in this post are by Susana Porteiro, a young Portuguese photographer and post-producer. Keep an eye out for her.