Colourful stools

in Color Inspiration, DIY


It is really hard in Italy at the moment, we are going through a big recession caused mainly by the way our politicians have run the country for the last 50 years. Most of us are oppressed by taxes, constricted by too many contorted rules and  not left very optimistic about our future. Young people are struggling and they dream of leaving the country with the sometimes false belief that abroad they will be happier. In such a dim panorama, strangely enough creativity blossoms and ideas flow. Sometimes the difficulties of daily life and a jolt to those certainties in life oblige your mind to think about new solutions. A working mind often produces good ideas. The government though must find the way to invest in the future and make the process of investing simpler.
The stools above show how a simple versatile object of daily use can be transformed.  The colours represent the hope that things in Italy will get better soon.

From the top / dall’alto :
Milking stool by Um Project
– Metal and wooden stools by HARTO design
– Knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien 
– Colourful stools by Jo Black Designs
Prince Aha stools or occasional tables by Kartell
– DIY painted Frosta stools by Ikea