KnIndustrie cool pots and pans

in Furniture, Ispiration

Pots and pans are a predominant part of a kitchen’s decor, we use them almost every day and if they are quality objects, we have them forever.

Unfortunately we don’t often think it is necessary investing in pots and pans when actually it is, because if you buy the right ones you will only buy them once and if they look good you won’t rush to tidy them up but you will be happy to leave them around.

KnIndustrie is an Italian brand established in 2011 and created with the intention of building solid, good looking, eco friendly handmade  kitchen instruments and utensils.

The glass see-through pasta pot is the most exciting piece visually but the Beyond Basic line (second image from top) with walnut handles that you can use for many other KnIndustrie casseroles is also a must have.

I find the chopping boards made of  steel, ceramic and wood very beautiful as well, they remind me of the amazing tiles Déchirer designed by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina.

Just to give you an idea of prices, the transparent pasta pot costs around 200 dollars. An Ikea standard pot costs around 40 dollars but it is just not a lasting kitchen item you will want to show off, is it?



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