Davide Dormino’s studio

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Davide Dormino‘s studio is a stratification of art signs.

Nothing is there by chance and you need a bit of time to notice and understand all the different signs scattered around his studio in one of the most vibrant areas of Rome, Pigneto.

As soon as you arrive, your attention focuses on the big art work illuminated by the big windows of this space with an unexpected industrial feeling. The eye is drawn to the sculptures – the rusted-iron nails, the busts, the wooden skeleton casually lying in a corner- and the wall dedicated to his latest project “Anything to Say”, an interactive public art project widely published and shared.

Your mind then settles down and slowly thousands other details leap out, from the beautiful traces of Davide‘s handwriting that are everywhere, to the collection of old nails, fascinating sketches, old shoes on the shelves, canvases back to front, hanging down chairs and the red sealing wax dot under the iron sculpture-guillotine.

And it is not difficult to spend time here because Davide Dormino puts you at your ease, with his mix of passion and nonchalance, the sweet smile and the secure gestures, the directness that sometimes, paradoxically, makes him look absent-minded.

If you want to know more about his art and about his project “Anything to say”, visit his website but also have a look at the images that come out when you search for Davide Dormino on Google that in part chronicle his public life.

Photographs by Elena Giavarini.

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(Photos by Elena Giavarini)