+deco, this year it is the 9th best trending interior design blog!

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I started +deco a few years ago, during a transitional period of my life when many things were changing . I started to write the blog just after I had given birth to my son and after I had left my full time job to start my free lance career. Whilst writing and designing +deco, I have learnt a lot about technology, graphic design, people and myself. Somehow, +deco and myself have grown together and I have gained much more confidence as a woman, a professional and a blogger in the last few years.

I have always been the kind of person who can manage to get by without much effort. I finished university with full marks , I managed to build a nice life in London even if I couldn’t speak English much when I moved there and I had never studied it, I have always done ok at sports because I am tall and lean, I have always been able to do ok without committing too much to anything.

But at some point in my life I discovered that if you want to have control over your life, you need more, you need to know what you want and be persistent in achieving it. What you want can be whatever you like, what you enjoy or simply something that attracts you. Now, I still have a bit of road to do professionally but I have definitely become the person I wanted to be and I hope this reflects on my blog.

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