Dine under the sea

in Arts+ Crafts, Interiors, Ispiration, Outdoor

Sliding into the cold, rough North Atlantic Ocean, there is a unique semi-submerged restaurant called Under near Lindesnes, in Norway.

Based in an incredibly powerful setting, Under offers its guests a unique point of view, five and half metres under the water, and a simple yet sophisticated menu.

The restaurant, designed by the Snøhetta studio with precious contributions from several local partners, is perfectly integrated into the craggy shoreline and at ease in the midst of the often sudden weather changes.

The style is essential and the real decoration is the magical rarefied light coming from the big windows looking into the deep water and the sea life it contains.

Watch the video on You Yube where the chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard explains the philosophy of the restaurant and you’ll be looking for an excuse to go.

Photos courtesy of Under.