DKUK Studio

in Color Inspiration, Interiors, People

Some of my best friends from the U.K. live in Peckham, south London. Our friendship flourished in Brixton and Clapham and over 10 years later we still meet: either in south Rome or in south London.

Peckham has changed massively since I was living in the British capital, it seems only in London can areas change so radically so fast. Peckham is now a place full of cool bars and shops, populated by a lot of people wearing vintage clothes and long beards.

My friends own a very buzzing pub there called The Montpelier; if you are in the area don’t miss it for a real pint (or two) and top nosh as well.

A good example of the new Peckham life is the art-exhibiting hairdresser DKUK Salon with its new concept and funky interior by the  Sam Jacob StudioDKUK Salon was opened in 2014 by Daniel Kelly, an artist and hair-dresser who had the idea of hanging artwork in his salon instead of mirrors so that customers could really (and calmly) appreciate them instead of staring at their own image. I think this is conceptually a wonderfully presented idea (even if I have to admit I would not feel in control of my hair). This very small shop that catches the attention with walls covered in white slates and 1980’s inspired yellow graphic details.

Images are from Jim Stephenson.