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The blog reflects my taste and my style in decorating. I love mixing influences and colour, I like quality and I don’t believe that beautiful things necessarily have to cost the earth.

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Interior Design Services  

My role is to enhance the function and aesthetics of interior spaces.

I focus on how different colors, textures, furniture, lighting, and space work together to meet the needs of my clients.

I take pride in my ability to find the right solutions based on taste and requirements and I excel at finding original ideas that will make spaces look unique without necessarily spending a fortune.

I am able to manage and coordinate all aspects of the design process including contractors.

For enquiries or for a free quote, contact me.

I am comfortable working in both English and Italian.


Personal shopping 

I guide each client through their shopping experience, steering them towards products and services that are specifically suited for their needs and desires using my intimate knowledge of Rome.

I provide my clients with one-to-one advice in all areas of design and vintage. I take into account personality, lifestyle, preferred colours and budget, I use my product and fashion expertise to select items and give honest opinions as well as.

I can book private appointments and arrange items from several departments within bigger stores to save my clients’ time.

The tours are custom made according to the clients interests and needs; I will ask you to answer a few questions before hand.

For prices and availability, contact me at info@plusdeco.it.


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