Elkebana, the first wall trophy suitable for vegans

in Furniture

A few days ago, a friend I work with at Allucinazione, as soon as he saw me, showed me these beautiful wall vases designed by a friend of his, sure of my enthusiasm. He wasn’t wrong and in fact I decided to write about it.

These very simple but extremely decorative designs are called Elkebana“the first wall trophy suitable for vegans”. 

It is a simple concept but very effective. It is made by a hand crafted piece of wood that resembles the head of an antelope or reindeer, completed with two glass tubes on which to put branches or flowers (that recall the horns of an antelope or reindeer).

You can change decorations every day if you want, using what you have in the garden or creating new combinations of stems.

The Elkebana wall trophies are sold here and cost around 129 euros each.