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Christmas is around the corner again, it is incredible how time flies. It is time to be merry, I know but I need to get something off my chest first.

As a mother of a five year old I am surrounded by parents and I can’t help noticing that sometimes as parents we say things to our children without thinking very much.

We should. We should reflect more accurately on what we say to these little sponges since we have a duty to educate them.

For instance, something I can’t stand in this period of the year is when parents tell their kids that they have to behave well if they want Father Christmas to bring them some presents.

What kind of message is behind this?

Have all the poor children whose parents can afford to buy toys behaved badly then? Are the rich and spoiled kids  better behaved kids?  Syrian children don’t receive anything because they don’t deserve anything according to this distorted logic. Is this the message we want to pass onto them, even if indirectly, to our children?

I know parents are sometimes under pressure and we all use blackmail with them but in a world where some people have too much and most people not enough, we should weigh our words a bit more carefully if we want to bring up aware and fair  individuals.

I’ve got it off of my chest. We can now speak about the festive holidays and in particular about presents.

This year I am going to buy most of my Christmas presents from Etsy and I will definitely get some of these elegant concrete pots from FactoLab.

Each piece is handmade in Italy and therefore unique with the little imperfections of the materia adding charm to their geometric grey shapes. Reasonabily priced, FactoLab planters, lights, candle holders, pots are the perfect presents for almost everyone.

If they behave well, of course…..

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