Filip Janssens amazing furniture

in Furniture
Speaking about television again (read my post “Serif TV: a pretty one for a change”), one of the major problems of placing screens around the house is that they don’t look pretty anywhere. If you attach the screen onto the wall, you have a black blob on the wall, if you put the television on a piece of furniture the eye will be drawn to that black blob on the piece of furniture. The best place for televisions is where you can’t see them which is inside custom-made cabinets or wardrobes but this is an often logistically complicated solution. 
The other feasible option is to insert the TV into a well organized bookshelf or fitted wall.
Filip Janssens (discovered on Tea.stylist) makes amazing wooden furniture where even the TVs look good. I love how he puts together volumes and creates solids and voids, I love the richly grained wood he uses. I love the fact that he doesn’t have a design education (he studied French and Latin) and he worked as a teacher for over 20 years: it is proof that creativity is fed by some many influences and knows no boundaries for anyone.