God (and Pantone) save the queen’s sense of colour

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Most Italians believe that she hasn’t got much dress sense and that she often looks like a kid’s ice-cream or a bottle of Lemoncello (for instance at William and Kate’s wedding). 
I think she is faboulous: she never clashes with the background even if she wears quirky colours, she is always elegant and appropriate, she has always been faithful to herself, she loves colour and she uses it to express a feeling or help to transmit a message.
Today she was wearing white, a peaceful calming colour that stood out but didn’t clash with the red and gold of her surroundings on the barge (Kate also did well with a red dress).
I would love to have one of the limited edition Panton Queen’s Colour Guide released with Pantone and Leo Burnett London! It displays the monochromatic outfits of the queen over the  last 60 years as a colour palette with the Pantone references. Brilliant.