Hermes jungle fever

in Furniture
I think I’ve caught the ‘Hermes jungle fever‘. 
One of my favourite recent designs is Jardin d’Osier by Hermes for Dedar (top image). 
I love its vibrant colors, the fact that it is exotic still quite abstract; I am sure it will become a classic in the interior world. 
At first I fell in love with the blue and green version, Jardin d’Osier M03 (below) but now I really like the other two variations. 
Jardin d’Osier is not the only interesting wallpaper and textile created by the Parisian maison.
Equatour (second image from top) and Tendresse Feline (third image from top) carry all the colonial charme that Hermes has always had. My favourite is, without shadow of a doubt- M03, in sepia. 
I also find the Zébrures textiles very attractive (the zebra design pictured here in red and black) in all the color versions. 

Sophie Pailleret has based the color palette for the living room in her Parisian flat on Hermes Jardin d’Osier and doing so she made the cover of the march issue Elle Decoration (photo by Christian Schaulin).