H&M cushions

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Hello everyone, I’m back from holiday full of energy. I love this season, I love the end of the summer, the positive drive that we often have after the holiday and the cosiness that the imminent autumn brings.
I would like to thank all of you, all the people who read my blog periodically and all the people who just pop in. This blog means a lot to me, it coincided with an important period, a meaningful passage of my life. In fact I started +deco just after I had my first child, taking advantage of a few months of maternity leave, the first time span in my life where I wasn’t studying or working (in the last few years I  have been working far too much). I love selecting, thinking and creating my posts. I hope this shows. 
After this open hearted introduction, lets get back to ‘business’. These lovely cushions are from H&M Home. The quality is not great but they look good and they are affordable. Also the basic models -like the velvet ones above- come in many cool colours, perfect if you need to spice up a room. Check the website out, there are often sales (generally the best items are not reduced in price) and promotions on. Many of you might have to buy online, because H&M Home is only open in a few countries, unlike the clothing shops that  are widespread.