Hueso restaurant, a brother affair made of bones

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Hueso is a restaurant in Guadalajara, in Mexico, designed by Ignacio Cadena from Cadena+Asociados and run by the chef Alfonso Cadena. It is two brothers running a business made of bones!

At a first glance the inside seems dominated by the color white and the warm color of wood. It needs a bit of time to fully understand and appreciate the complex decorations. Most of walls are enriched by animal carcasses, bones or skulls, different objects painted and stolen from the kitchen, scraps of paper or fabric, drawings of animals, boxes used as frames, pieces of wood used to frame anything. Everything is religiously painted in white. This second skin covers almost every inch of the walls up to the ceiling of this beautiful 1940’s building in the western state of Jalisco. A similar concept but in color is proposed by Davide Dormino in his amazing studio.

I let you decide if you like the bones but apart from covering the walls with objects painted the same color as the walls, it is a good alternative to putting up many different pieces of art work, in various shapes or sizes.

I love the staff apron as well (worn in the photo the chef and manager Alfonso Cadena). Again an idea to copy.

The outside of the restaurant is unadorned, covered with white squared tiles decorated by simple black lines inspired by Aztecan patterns.

Ceramics by José Noé Suro, tiles by C+A produced by José Noé Suro.

Photographs by Jaime Navarro.